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Physics Division Seminars bring us speakers on a variety of physics related subjects. Usually these are held in the Building 6008 large Conference Room, at 3:00 pm on the chosen day, but times and locations may vary. For more information, contact our seminar chairman,

Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri
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Thu., October 23, 2003, at 3:00 p.m.

Exploring neutron-rich s-d shell nuclei with long-lived radioactive beams and targets

S. L. Tabor, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Building 6008 Conference Room

Reactions of 14C beams on targets of 14C and 10Be have led to new insights into the structure of several hard-to-produce nuclei in the s-d shell. Particle coincidences were essential to observing gamma lines in the most neutron-rich reaction products. The rich decay scheme observed in 27Na provides the first gamma decay scheme of a T = 5/2 nucleus in the s-d shell and permits careful tests of models such as the USD shell model. The level scheme of T = 2 24Ne has been greatly expanded compared to earlier (t,pg) studies, leading to a better understanding of the variation of shell gaps with neutron number. A newly-observed low-lying intruder state in T = 2 22F provides new insights into the cross shell interactions.