Schedule for reactions session

Here is the schedule for the Reactions breakout session. The discussions are as important as the presentations. Therefore, speakers should finish their talk within the allotted time. Please send your talk to Felix or Dan, so that we can upload them on a computer to save the setup time. An additional session on Saturday morning is devoted to discuss the summary. We want to thank everyone for attending the workshop and contributing to the whitepaper which will be written.


Felix Liang
Walt Loveland
Steve Pain
Dan Shapira

 Friday 13 November 


 Program for nuclear reaction breakout session 

 1300: Pick up lunch 

 1315: Introductory Remarks Felix Liang/Dan Shapira 

 1320: Fusion measurements( Loveland) 

 1335: TDHF calculations(Oberracker) 

 1350: EVR measurements (Liang) 

 1405: Fission measurements (Shapira) 


 1430: Direct Reaction theory (Nunes) 

 1445: Direct reaction Measurements (Jones) 

 1500: Discussion of "Science drivers" 

 1530: Coffee break 

 1545: ORUBA upgrade (Bardayan) 

 1555: Solenoid (Becchetti) 

 1610: HERCULES (Reviol) 

 1625: neutron detector VANDLE (Peters) 

 1630: Radioactive targets (Gross) 


 1645: Discussion of "Instrumentation" 

 1715: End session 

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