Notices for ISOL Technology

Dear HRIBF Workshop Colleagues:

By now you know the drill for November 13, 14 and beyond. The session on ISOL Technology will be discussing ways to improve both low energy and post accelerated beams at HRIBF. The discussion in this session must include input from those proposing and doing the experiments. You can best provide answers to the following:

  • What beams are highest on your wish list?
  • What minimum intensity is required, consider the beam energy and purity?
If you cannot attend this session, please give one of the leaders your input on these questions.

We will have short, summary presentations on technology being developed now:

  • Status of current HRIBF ion sources (10 min)
  • Laser ion sources (10 min)
  • High density (uranium) targets (10 min)
  • Target / Ion source chemical techniques for enhanced beam purification (10 min)
  • Isobar suppression by photodetachment (10 min)
In addition, there are techniques we propose to begin developing:
  • Pure, post accelerated beams - by multipass time-of-flight technique (15 min)
  • Two-step targets (10 min)
  • Gas stopping and reacceleration (15 min)
We will discuss which techniques have highest priority and what we might be overlooking.

More details about the workshop, including links to the updated neutron-rich beam list and workshop schedule may be found at:


Ken Carter
Dan Stracener
Yuan Liu
Jens Lassen

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