Schedule for decay session

It is just a few days until the start of the HRIBF Workshop. Krzysztof has spent a lot of time putting together the agenda for the Decay Spectroscopy Session. At the end of this message is the schedule which we will use during our breakout session. This is to inform all the speakers of when they are on the schedule and how much time they have been allotted. For the rest of us it is a guide to when things happen. We will give everyone a little time to get there lunch before starting the talks at 1:15 pm. We then have a fairly full schedule until 5:30 pm when the next set of session will start. We have included time for discussions, but every speaker needs to include some question/answer time into their talks. We have an additional session on Saturday morning which is devoted to discussion. A big thank you to everyone that will be making a presentation, as well as to everyone that will be attending the workshop. Robert, Krzysztof, and I are very appreciative of your efforts and input into the whitepaper which we will be writing. See you on Friday.



Decay Spectroscopy Working Group Session (1:00 to 5:30 pm)
(Talks starting at 1:15 pm to give everyone time to grab a lunch.)
Session titles are approximate.
Talk titles are tentative.
1:15 pm   Theoretical Background
Krzysztof Rykaczewski (ORNL)  "HRIBF decay studies capabilities with  C70 driver"   15 minutes
Morten Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo)   "Structure of very neutron-rich nuclei"  15 minutes
Ivan Borzov (Obnisk, Russia)  "Beta-decay modeling for very neutron-rich nuclei" - a need for C70 data"  15 min
Hendrik Schatz (MSU, NSCL)    "Decay data needed for r-process analysis"   20 minutes
Ian Gauld (ORNL NSTD)         "The decay data for ORIGEN/SCALE modeling"   20 minutes
(total of 85 minutes talks, 95 minutes with 10 minutes delays/discussions included)
2:50 pm  BREAK  10 minutes  (after a total of ~ 95  minutes)
3:00 pm   Experimental Studies
Volker Werner (Yale)          "Plunger-based studies of nuclear levels in neutron-rich nuclei"   10 minutes
Chiara Mazzocchi (Milano, IT) "Nuclear structure decays studies at and beyond 78Ni"  10 minutes
Agnieszka Korgul (Wwa, PL)    "Nuclear structure decay studies beyond 132Sn"   10 minutes
Nick Stone (UTK - JIHIR)      "g-factors in neutron-rich nuclei"  10 minutes
Marek Karny (Warszawa, PL)    "Beta-strength distribution from TAS studies of n-rich nuclei"  10 minutes
Robert Page (Liverpool, UK)   "Physics at the RMS during the transition from ORIC to C70 and beyond"  10 minutes
Wojtek Krolas (Krakow, PL)    "Physics from DIC studies of sub-microsecond neutron-rich isomers"   10 minutes
(70 minutes plus 10 minutes delay/discussions)
4:20 pm  BREAK  10 minutes (after 70 minutes, after total time of  ~ 185 minutes)
4:30 pm  Instrumentation
Mustafa Rajabali (UTK)        "DI-isomer scope" 10 minutes
Sean Liddick (LLNL)           "CERDA"  10  minutes
Manuel Madurga (UTK)          "Neutron counting with 3Hen and VANDLE"  10 minutes
Ed Zganjar (LSU)              "New electron detectors : ektaBESCA and in-vacuum beta counters"  10 minutes
Robert Grzywacz  (UTK)        "Storage ring"  10 minutes
Andreas Piechaczek (UNIRIB)   "ORISS"  10  minutes
(60 minutes plus 0 minutes delay/discussions)
5:30 pm  End
(Total of 210  minutes talks plus total 25 minutes reserved for discussions, 20 minutes breaks, out of 255 minutes)

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