Users workshop breakout sessions

Users workshop breakout sessions

Format of the breakout sessions

The format of the breakout sessions of the workshop is to have very few presentations followed by lengthy round table discussions built around specific topics as specified by the conveners.

Goals of the breakout sessions

To provide the conveners with enough material to write the scientific case for a cyclotron driver upgrade for HRIBF. The material should focus on the scientific strengths of HRIBF in the future FRIB-era and what research can be done in support of FRIB science. New equipment necessary to take advantage of the expected increase in RIB intensity and the many new isotopic beams to be available should be covered.


Please contact one of the conveners below if you wish to contribute to a specific topic. We anticipate adding a few more conveners.
Nuclear structure (decay spectroscopy) - Notices
Nuclear structure (in-beam spectroscopy) - Notices
Nuclear reactions - Notices
Nuclear astrophysics - Notices
Applications with RIBs - Notices
ISOL technology - Notices
The following topics and conveners will also be covered in the white paper. Contact one of them if you wish to ensure a particular topic is covered.
HRIBF instrumentation - Notices
FRIB-HRIBF science
World-wide context
  • Juha Äystö
  • Peter Butler
  • Jens Dilling
  • Robert Janssens
  • Alan Shotter
  • Witek Nazarewicz, local contact
Education and outreach
Theory coupling

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