List of Posters

Posters indicated in red are selected for short oral presentations.

Posters listed below are those who confirmed their participation of poster presentations. If you would like to present a poster at the conference, but do not see your name in this list, please email Chang-Hong Yu with your name and your poster title.

Presenter Name  Poster Title Poster ID Number Abstract Page 
Lise-Lotte Andersson Mirror Symmetry in the Upper fp Shell 11 3
Dan Bardayan The 25Al(p,gamma)26Si Reaction Rate in Novae 40 5
Jon Batchelder New Isomeric States in 116Ag and Levels in 116Cd Studied via the Beta decay of 116Ag 33 6
Piotr Borycki Pairing Regularization in Skyrme-HFB  5 12
Plamen Boutachkov Magnetic moment measurements in 70Ge 24 13
Gillis Carlsson* Many-particles plus rotor description of magnetic bands at high spin 6 17
Christopher Chiara Probing sd-pf cross-shell interactions via terminating configurations in N ~ Z scandium isotopes 12 24
Miroslav Danchev Test of nuclear chirality in 104Rh by study of the electromagnetic transitions properties 30 134
Martin Djongolov Superdeformation and High-Spin Spectroscopy Studies on 174Hf 31 37
Charles Folden Production of Transactinide Elements in Cold Fusion Reactions at LBNL  21 46
Tomomnori Fukuchi Systematic study of high-spin isomers in N=83 isotones 32 49
Adam Garnsworthy T=1 and T=0 states in the N=Z=43 nucleus, 86Tc 13 54
Magne Guttormsen Entropy of Heated Nuclei 36 64
Joeseph Hamilton* Puzzling New-Odd Parity Doublet Bands in 108,110,112Ru 16 98
Robert Hatarik 62Ni(n,g) and 102Pd(n,g) cross section measurements with DANCE  41 66
Nobuo Hinohara Microscopic Approach to Oblate-Prolate Shape Coexistence Phenomena in Nuclei around 68Se and 72Kr 7 72
Nobuo Hinohara Importance of Time-Odd Mean Field on Large Amplitude Collective Motion  8 71
Nathan Hoteling On the Role of the g9/2 Neutron Orbital in the Structure of Fe Isotopes Toward N=40  17 73
Elaine  Kwan Systmatics of Light Neutron-Rich nuclei Produced by Projectile Fragmentation 18 85
Gregory Lane Identification of the (h11/2)^2 (i13/2)^2 I=22+ isomer in 204-Hg 34 86
Ann-Cecilie Larsen Level densities and radiative strength functions of 50,51V and 44,45Sc 37 88
Shelly Lesher uducing the 233U(n,f)/235U(n,f) Cross-section using the Surrogate Ratio Method 43 92
Zhanwen Ma Astrophysically important 31S states studied with the 32S(p,d)31S reaction 42 100
Caleb Mattoon A new look at the beta-decay of 11Li 19 105
Chiara Mazzocchi* On the alpha decay of 109I  28 106
Steven Pain Measurement of Transfer Reactions on Fission Fragments in Inverse 20 121
Janne Pakarinen Competing structures in 186Pb 14 122
Costel Petrache Spectroscopy of the lightest nuclei in the Lanthanide region 15 43
Jing Qian Alpha decay of 257Rf*  23 131
Andrew Phillips Diffusion and Transport of 120Xe: Towards Rn Electric Dipole Moment Measurements at ISAC 45 129
Ingemar Ragnarsson Favoured high-spin states in N = Z nuclei close to 100Sn 9 132
Sunethra Ramanan Convergence of the Born Series with Low-Momentum Interactions 1 11
Walter Reviol* The "octupole transitional" nuclei 219,220Th  35 136
Andrew Robinson* Ground State Proton Radioactivity from 121Pr 29 138
Chhanda Samanta Hypernuclei Beyond the Normal Drip Line 10 142
Peter Schury* First precision Penning trap mass measurements of short-lived nuclei from fast beam fragmentation 25 145
Nadya Smirnova* The monopole shift in nuclei and properties of the effective nuclear force 3 150
Michael Smith Visualizing Nuclear Mass Models with the Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics 39 151
Lakshmi Soundara Pandian The g-factor of the 10+ isomer in 128Sn using the g-RISING setup 26 152
Guergana Stoitcheva* Symmetry violation and restoration schemes at band termination 4 157
Naeem  Ul Hasan  Syed Nuclear Level Densities and Extracted Entropies in Lead Isotopes 38 164
Gurgen  Ter Akopian* Neutron Excess Nuclei of Hydrogen and Helium Studied at ACCULINNA 46 173
Juan Urrego Blanco Recent Progress in the Development of a Polarized Target for Reactions with Radioactive Ion Beams 44 178
Stephen Weppner A global optical nuclear potential for nucleon-nucleus scattering 2 184
Volker Werner* First measurement of the g factor of a mixed-symmetry state 27 185