Conference Program

Nuclear Structure '06  Program 
    Sunday  July 23, 2006
17:00-21:00 Registration (Pollard Auditorium)
18:00-21:00 Welcome Reception
(Pollard Auditorium)
    Monday July 24
8:45 C. Baktash,                     L.Riedinger,  G. Young Welcome & General Announcements
Session I.A   Chair: W. Nazarewicz
9:00 Rupert Machleidt Nuclear Forces From Effective Field Theory
9:25 Larry Cardman Nuclear Structure at JLAB 
9:50 Alexandra  Gade Nuclear-Structure Studies in the Vicinity of N=28
10:15 Jacek Dobaczewski Shell Structure of Neutron-Rich Nuclei: A Theoretical Perspective
10:40 Break
Session I.B, Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Gammasphere -- C.J. Lister
11:10 Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri Introduction
11:20 Augusto Macchiavelli Gammasphere: The First Decade
11:50 Paul Fallon Nuclear Superdeformation
12:20 Teng-Lek Khoo  Decay into and Out of the Superdeformed Well and Structure of Shell-Stabilized Nuclei 
12:50 Lunch
Session I.C: Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Gammasphere -- D.C. Radford
14:30 Demetrios Sarantites Gammasphere as an Auxiliary Detector
15:00 Doug  Cline Neutron-Rich and Coulex Experiments
15:30 Mike Carpenter  Proton Drip-Line Spectroscopy
16:00 Break
Session I.D: Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Gammasphere -- I.-Y. Lee
16:30 Bob Wadsworth Magnetic Rotation in Nuclei: A Brief Review and Open Questions
17:00 George Dracoulis High-K Spectroscopy
17:30 Stefan Frauendorf A Closeup of the Spinning Nucleus
    Tuesday July 25
Session II. A Chair: K. Matsuyanagi
9:00 Ken Nollett Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of Bound and Unbound Nuclear States
9:25 Achim  Schwenk Nuclear Structure With Low-Momentum Interactions
9:50 Thomas  Neff Nuclear Structure With Correlated Realistic Interactions
10:15 Thomas  Papenbrock Coupled-Cluster Theory for Nuclei
10:40 Break
Session II. B Chair: M. Guttormsen
11:10 Felix  Liang Fusion of Radioactive 132Sn and 64Ni
11:30 Lee  Bernstein Measuring the Un-Measurable - Surrogate Reactions Using STARS+LIBERACE*
11:50 Shaofei Zhu Approaching 78Ni Along the N=50 Line Utilizing Deep Inelastic Reactions
12:10 Sunniva  Siem Level Densities and Radiative Strength Functions in Sm Isotopes
12:35 Gurgen  Ter Akopian Neutron Excess Nuclei of Hydroge and Helium Studied at ACCULINNA
12:42 Lunch
Session II.C Chair: M. Smith
14:00 Olof Tengblad  Properties of 9B and 12C Determined in Beta-Decay and in Low Energy Reaction 
14:25 Ronald   Livesay The Structure of 8B Through Measurement of 7Be+P Scattering
14:45 Adam  Hecht Decay of the r-Process Waiting Point Nucleus 138Sn and Adjacent Nuclei
15:05 Ari Jokinen Precision Measurements of Ground-State Masses for Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics
15:25 Peter Schury (poster) First Precision Penning Trap Mass Measurements of Short-Lived Nuclei From Fast Beam Fragmentation
15:32 Break
Session II.D Chair: P. Chowdhury
16:00 Walter Loveland Overview of the Synthesis of the Heaviest Elements
16:25 Kouji Morimoto Experiments On Synthesis of Superheavy Elements at RIKEN
16:50 Rodi Herzberg Trans-Fermium Spectroscopy
17:15 Sujit  Tandel Multi-Quasiparticle States in 254No: K-Conservation, Single Particle Energies and Pairing Strengths
Session II.E  (Evening) Discussion Leader: M. Riley
19:30-21:00 Town Meeting On Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy 
    Wednesday July 26
Session III.A  Chair: A. Baran
9:00 Willem  Dickhoff Microscopic Many-Body Calculations of Nucleons Near the Fermi Energy
9:20 Richard  Furnstahl Density Functional Theory From Effective Field Theory and the Renormalization Group
9:45 Sait  Umar 3-D Unrestricted TDHF Calculations of Heavy-Ion Collisions
10:05 Kenichi Matsuyanagi  Sensitivity of Soft Vibrational Modes On Quadrupole Deformations in 32Mg and 34Mg
10:25 Break
Session III.B Chair: S. Tabor
10:55 Javier Valiente-Dobon Exploring the Changing of Shell Structure of Nuclei at N=50
11:20 Maurycy Rejmund Reaching New Frontiers With Deep Inelastic Reactions at GANIL 
11:45 Chang-Hong  Yu Coulomb Excitation of Neutron-Rich Radioactive Beams Near 132Sn
12:05 Joakim Cederkall In Beam Spectroscopy at REX-ISOLDE
12:30 Lunch
Session III.C Chair: A.V. Ramayya
14:00 Mark  Riley The Return of Significant Collectivity Beyond Band Termination in N~90 Erbium Nuclei at Ultra-High Spin
14:20 Costel  Petrache Misinterpretation of Near-Degenerate Bands as Chiral Partners
14:45 Joseph Hamilton (Poster) Evidence for Chiral Doublet-Bands in 108,110,112 Ru
14:55 Daniel Almehed Dynamical Aspects of Chiral Rotation
15:15 Mirela Fetea A First Test of the E(5/4) Bose-Fermi Symmetry: The Structure of 135Ba
15:35 Gillis Carlsson (Poster) Many-Particles Plus Rotor Description of Magnetic Bands at High Spin
15:42 Walter Reviol (Poster) The "Octupole Transitional" Nuclei 219,220Th
15:49 Nobuo Hinohara (Poster) Microscopic Approach to Oblate-Prolate Shape Coexistence Phenomena in Nuclei Around 68Se and 72Kr
Poster Session & Tours  
16:00 Break
16:00 Poster Session
17:30 Board buses for tours
18:00-20:00 Tour of SNS or HRIBF
20:30 Buses return to hotels
    Thursday July 27
Session IV.A  Chair: T. Glassmacher
9:00 Aoi Nori Structure Studies of Nuclei in and Near the Island of Inversion at RIPS
9:30 Andreas Schiller First Excited State of Doubly-Magic 24O
9:50 James  Terry Single-Particle Structure Near the Island of Inversion by Neutron Knockout From 26,28Ne and 30,32Mg
10:10 Julien  Gibelin  Search for Low-Lying Dipole Strength in the Neutron Rich Nucleus 26Ne
10:30 Break
Session IV.B Chair: I. Ragnarsson
11:00 Taka Otsuka Shell Evolution and Nuclear Forces
11:30 Petr  Navratil  Applications of the Ab initio No-Core Shell Model for Nuclear Structure and Reactions
11:55 Shinichiro  Fujii A New Microscopic Shell-Model Approach to Neutron-Rich Carbon Isotopes
12:15 Guergana Stoitcheva (Poster) Symmetry Violation and Restoration Schemes at Band Termination
12:22 Nadya Smirnova (Poster) The Monopole Shift in Nuclei and Properties of the Effective Nuclear Force
12:30 Lunch
Session IV.C Chair: L. Riedinger
14:00 Juergen  Gerl Nuclear In-Beam and Decay Spectroscopy With RISING 
14:25 I-Yang Lee Progress in Development of Gamma-Ray Tracking Detectors
14:55 Sydney Gales Secondary Radioactive Beam Facilities in Europe: At the Dawn of a New Era
15:35 Break
Session IV.D Chair: J. Beene
16:00 Alan Shotter Progress at ISAC
16:15 Tohru Motobayashi RI Beam Factory at RIKEN
16:40-18:00 Rick Casten  RIA: Update and Open Discussion  
19:00 Cocktails (Doubletree)
19:30-22:30 Banquet (Doubletree) Music by internationally renowned jazz artist Donald Brown and Friends
    Friday July 28
Session V.A   Chair: V. Oberacker
9:00 Takashi Nakatsukasa Static and Dynamic Approaches to Collective Excitations in Nuclei Far From Stability Line
9:25 Masayuki  Matsuo Collective Excitations in the Strong Pairing Limit in Nuclei Near the Neutron Drip Line
9:45 Masayuki  Yamagami Pairing and Continuum Effects for Low-Frequency Vibrational Excitations
10:05 Jimmy  Rotureau Density Matrix Renormalization Group Approach for Many-Body Open Quantum Systems
10:25 Break
Session V.B Chair: N. Koller
11:00 Andrew  Stuchbery Nuclear Structure of n-Rich Nuclei From Excited-State g-Factor Measurements on Radioactive Beams
11:30 Kei  Minamisono Nuclear Magnetic Moment of 57Cu Ground State
11:50 Radomira Lozeva Lifetime and g-Factor Measurements of Isomeric States in the Sn Region Using Relativistic Fission Fragments
12:15 Sanjay  Kumar Chamoli Quadrupole Moment Measurement in Fragmentation Reactions: Case of 61mFe
12:35 Volker  Werner (Poster) First Measurement of the g Factor of a Mixed-Symmetry State
12:42 Lunch
Session V.C Chair: C. Svensson
14:00 Roderick Clark The Transition From Vibrational to Rotational Regimes in the Pairing Phase
14:20 Geoff Grinyer High Precision Half-Life Measurement of the Superallowed Beta+ Emitter 18Ne Via Gamma-Ray Counting
14:40 Andrew Steer New Spectroscopic Studies of the N=Z Nuclei 74Rb, 76Sr and 78Y
15:00 Anatoli  Afanasjev Rotating N~Z Nuclei: A Search for Isovector and Isoscalar Neutron-Proton Pairing Condensates
15:20 Andrew Robinson (Poster) Ground State Proton Radioactivity from 121Pr and Alpha Decay of 105Te
15:30 Chiara Mazzocchi (Poster) On the Alpha Decay of 109I
15:40 Break
Session V.D Chair: J. Batchelder
16:10 Yasuro  Funaki Alpha Cluster States in 12C and 16O
16:30 Emma Johansson Proton Decay in the Mass 60 Region: The 10+ isomer in 54Ni
16:55 Ernst Roeckl One-Proton and Two-Proton Radioactivity of the (21+) Isomer in 94Ag
17:15 Robert  Grzywacz Fast Alpha-Decay Near Doubly-Magic 100Sn: The Discovery of 105Te
17:35 Closing remarks
17:45 End of the conference