First Circular - March. 3, 2006

The Physics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory invites you to participate in the Conference "Nuclear Structure '06", which will be held in Oak Ridge, July 24-28, 2006. This is the next meeting in a series of nuclear structure conferences organized every second year in North America. The meeting is timed to follow the "Fifth Rare Isotope Accelerator Summer School", to facilitate attendance of the school participants in both events.

In addition to covering current topics in nuclear structure physics, with emphasis on nuclear behavior under extreme conditions, the conference will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the dedication of Gammasphere by highlighting the many scientific accomplishments of this powerful array, along with discussions of the new physics opportunities which could be realized with the Gammasphere in the coming years.

The conference format consists of invited talks, as well as oral and poster presentations of the contributed abstracts. Following the tradition of the previous meetings, the majority of the talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Detailed information about the meeting will be provided in our next circular and on the conference web site very shortly.

Since our mailing list is surely incomplete, we would greatly appreciate it if you could bring this announcement to the attention of your colleagues who might be interested.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Oak Ridge this July.

NS'06 Local Organizing Committee