Confirmed Speakers

Jeff Blackmon - Study of 7Be(p,gamma)8B at the HRIBF
Jake Livesay -  The structure of 8B through measurement of 7Be+p scattering
Livius Trache - Breakup and transfer reactions with radioactive beams for nuclear astrophysics
Christian Iliadis - Nuclear Astrophysics at LENA
Ernst Rehm - 16N decay studies at Argonne
Frank Strieder - Alpha-capture measurements with the recoil separator ERNA
Dave Hutcheon - Radiative capture experiments at ISAC
Carl Brune - Study of unbound 19Ne states via the proton transfer reaction 2H(18F,alpha+15O)n
Andy Chae - First experimental constraints on the interference of 3/2+ resonances in the 18F(p,alpha)15O reaction
Ray Kozub - Study of the destruction of 18F in novae with an inverse (d,p) reaction at the HRIBF
Peter Parker - Nucleosynthesis of galactic 26Al
Hendrik Schatz - The rp process in x-ray bursts:  astrophysics and experiments with fast radioactive beams
Sean Liddick - Identification of 109Xe and 105Te
Jacob Fisker - Which nuclear reactions are important for x-ray bursts?
Wanpeng Tan - X-ray bursts and the 15O(alpha,gamma) reaction rate
Phil Woods - 19Ne lifetimes studied at gammasphere
Raph Hix - Supernova nucleosynthesis
Kate Jones - Understanding r-process nuclei using the (d,p) reaction on exotic beams
Filomena Nunes - Spectroscopic factors and Asymptotic Normalization Coefficients
Chiara Mazzocchi - Studies around 78Ni at the NSCL
K.-L. Kratz - Decay studies of r-process nuclei
Ingo Wiedenhoever - Radioactive beams at FSU
Fred Sarazin - Combining TIGRESS with particle detection at ISAC-II
Barry Davids - Nuclear astrophysics with EMMA: a glimpse into the future of ISAC-II at TRIUMF
Steve Pain - Development of the ORRUBA array
Yuri Efremenko - Neutrino-nucleus cross section measurments at the SNS
Dan Stracener -  Radioactive beam development at the HRIBF
Jim Beene - Upgrade possibilities at the HRIBF
Michael Smith - Using the Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics for proposal development and research