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Editor: Carl J. Gross

Contributors: J. D. Garrett, C. J. Gross

1. Deadline for Proposals Thursday, September 11, 1997

Users are reminded that the deadline for new proposals is Thursday, September 11, 1997. The call for proposals, given in the August 15 newsletter, is reprinted below. Additional information on beam development and the availability of experimental equipment also was contained in the August 15 newsletter, which can be obtained from the HRIBF web site (

2. Call for New Proposals

Proposals are now being accepted for the next series of experiments at the HRIBF. Proposals are solicited for experiments with beams of radioactive 66Ga and 67Ga with energies between 3.4 and 360 MeV, 69As and 70As with energies between 3.4 and 380 MeV, 17F and 18F with energies between 3.4 and 210 MeV, and 56Ni with energies between 3.4 and 360 MeV. Users desiring higher or lower beam energies or beams of heavier gallium or arsenic isotopes should contact Jerry Garrett. THE DEADLINE FOR THE RECEIPT OF THESE PROPOSALS IS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1997. Twelve copies of each proposal should be sent to:

Jerry Garrett
Bldg. 6000, Mail Stop 6368
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6368.
About 107 ions per second (i/s) of 66Ga, 67Ga, 69As, and 70As are now available. Somewhat more intense beams of these isotopes might be available late in the scheduling period. The 70As beam is highly contaminated with its isobar 70Ge. Fluorine and 56Ni beams are being developed (see the following article). Users should anticipate up to about 108 i/s of 56Ni and 107 i/s of 17F or 18F late this year. The 56Ni beam will be contaminated with 56Co.

As in the past, users should provide information on the minimum beam required to obtain useful results from their proposed study. Such information is crucial for evaluating the requests for early experiments and should be carefully substantiated in the experimental writeup. The past policy of accepting proposals for specific experiments, and not for ongoing scientific programs, will be continued.

Requests for measurements using stable beams will be considered for:

(i) commissioning equipment;
(ii) experimental measurements associated with a radioactive beam project; and
(iii) measurements in which the experimental facilities at the HRIBF are uniquely suited for the proposed study.
Arguments substantiating that stable beam work falls into one of these categories should be contained in the experimental writeup. However, projects involving radioactive beams will be given preference over those based on purely stable beams. A list of stable beams which have been accelerated is given on the HRIBF web site. If other stable beams are desired, please contact Jerry Garrett or Carl Gross.

The status of experimental equipment available is discussed in an additional article in the August 15 newsletter.

The cover pages of the HRIBF proposals and guidelines for their preparation are available on the HRIBF web site, "".

3. HRIBF Users Group Meeting at Whistler

The annual HRIBF Users Meeting will take place at the Autumn Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics being held this year in Whistler, British Columbia. The HRIBF Users Meeting is scheduled from 5 to 6 p.m. Monday, October 6, in Empress Room A at Chateau Whistler, the conference location. Refreshments will be provided. We apologize for the incorrect date of this meeting given in the August 15 newsletter.

4. Users Executive Committee Election

HRIBF Users will soon receive ballots for electing new members to the HRIBF Users Executive Committee. Please note that receipt of this or other HRIBF Newsletters does not guarantee membership in the HRIBF Users Group. Users must register in writing. If you returned the blue card sent to you last autumn or recently, you are a registered user and will receive the ballot. If you are not a HRIBF User, you can register as a user from the HRIBF web site or by contacting Franda Ervin by email at or by phone at (423) 574-4113. If you have questions about whether or not you are registered as a HRIBF User, contact Franda.

The present membership of the HRIBF Users Executive Committee is:

Noemie Benczer Koller
Carrol Bingham
John D'Auria
Joseph Hamilton, Chair
Michael Smith, Chair Elect 1998
Mark Riley.
The forthcoming election will select replacements for Carrol Bingham and Joseph Hamilton, whose membership will expire December 31, 1997.

Users are reminded that there is a mechanism for direct nomination of candidates for the Users Executive Committee. The HRIBF Users Charter (available from the HRIBF web site) states, "Direct nominations from the membership can be made by a petition from at least ten members, sent to the Chairperson of the Executive Committee prior to September 15."

Additional copies of the newsletter and more information about HRIBF can be found on the World Wide Web at You may contact us at the addresses below.

Jerry D. Garrett Carl J. Gross
Scientific Director Scientific Liaison
Mail stop 6368 Mail stop 6371
+1-423-576-5489 +1-423-576-7698

Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831 USA
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