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1. HRIBF News by email.

This is the first email news from the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facilty (HRIBF), presently under construction at ORNL. It is planned to announce milestones of HRIBF construction and other information of interest to HRIBF users by email. This anouncement also will be distributed by normal mail. IF YOU RECEIVE IT BY NORMAL MAIL AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A PREVIOUS VERSION BY EMAIL PLEASE SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO JERRY GARRETT (EMAIL ADDRESS: garrett@orph01). Future announcements will not be sent by normal mail.

2. The name -- Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility.

The official name of the new radioactive ion beam facility at ORNL will be the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility. The acronym HRIBF will often be used for this facility.

3. Recent milestones at HRIBF.

Recent milestones associated with the construction of the HRIBF at Oak Ridge National Laboratory include:

    (1)  The Mark I Radioactive Beam Ion Source was delivered in mid August and
is presently undergoing tests. 

    (2)  The 300-keV high-voltage platform, on which the target ion source
and associated mass analysis system will be situated, passed acceptance tests
at NEC in Madison, WI, and was delivered to ORNL October 4.  It is presently
being assembled in target room C-111. 

    (3)  Construction of the GAMMAHALL addition to the Holifield RIB Facility,
which will house the Oak Ridge Recoil Mass Spectrometer (RMS), was started in
early August. 

    (4)  The fabrication of the RMS at Danfysik, in Jyllinge, Denmark, is on
schedule.  Field maps of several of the magnets have recently been received.
It is slated to be shipped from Denmark in December 1993.

    (5)  The Nuclear Structure Committee of the U.K. Science and Engineering
Research Council has approved the relocation of the Daresbury Recoil Separator
to HRIBF.  This instrument will be installed in an experimental setup devoted
to astrophysics. 

4. Organizational Changes at ORNL.

In recent organizational changes within the Physics Division at ORNL Fred Bertrand has become Associate Physics Division Director with overall responsibility for the RIB project and low and intermediate energy nuclear physics. Jerry Garrett is the program director of HRIBF, Jim Beene is director of the inhouse experimental nuclear physics program, and Dave Olsen remains in charge of the RIB construction project.

5. Carl Gross -- Scientific Liason.

Carl Gross has accepted a liason scientist position for the HRIBF. The liason scientist will assist the user in determining: (1) if it is feasible to run a proposed experiment at HRIBF; and (2) the details of how to run the proposed experiment. This position has been funded by DOE through the Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Engineering (ORISE).

Carl received his Ph.D from Florida State University in 1987, where he studied under the supervision of Sam Tabor. Since that time, Carl was a postdoc at Gottingen, where he was a user of several European experimental facilities, and a senior postdoc under the ORISE program at ORNL. He also was a guest scientist at Daresbury Laboratory for a short time in 1992. Carl presently is involved in the design of the focal plane detector systems for the Oak Ridge RMS, which will be used for the many of the forthcoming RIB experiments. His main research interest is the structure of proton-rich intermediate mass nuclei.

6. Michael Smith -- New Nuclear Astrophysics Staff Member at ORNL.

Michael Smith has joined the Physics Division Staff of ORNL. He will coordinate the astrophysics program planned for HRIBF and will play a major role in the relocating the Daresbury Recoil Separator at HRIBF. Michael received his Ph.D. from Yale in 1990, where he studied under the supervision of Peter Parker. Since that time, he has been a postdoc at Cal. Tech. and a senior postdoc under the ORISE program at ORNL.

7. An Invitation to the HRIBF Users.

The low energy physics staff of ORNL Physics Division is excited by the challenging opportunity to construct the World's premier ISOL radioactive ion beam facility for nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics. During the next few years we look forward to the development of a vigorous scientific program from this new initiative. It is our intent to operate HRIBF as a facility open to outside users as was the case with HHIRF. Initiation of full user participation, of course, hinges on our ability to produce and accelerate beams of radioactive ions, as well as on the availability of the necessary DOE support. This support, in turn, will reflect the interest of the physics community in RIB research at the HRIBF. If you have such an interest, it is important to express it through participation in the development of the HRIBF research program. It is also important to communicate this interest to DOE. Not only is the community involvement important to the HRIBF, it very likely will have a major impact on the future of RIB research in the U.S.

The expressed intent of the DOE is that FY 94-95 is for the completion of the conversion of the Holifield Facility and for proof-of-principal of the RIB delivery system. The current funding profile for HRIBF through FY 95 does not provide for formal users operation. However, the DOE supports, in the long term, users operation and, in anticipation of significant user interest in RIB research, has already provided, via the Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Engineering (ORISE), support for a liaison scientist.

The present schedule is to deliver the first RIB at low intensity through the entire accelerator system in mid 1995. Due to the complexities involved in producing RIBs routinely, it is anticipated that there will be an initial period (possibly a year) during which it will be necessary to address and resolve a variety of technical problems. The present plan is to return to a formal users mode of operation when this commissioning phase is satisfactorily completed. This would indicate that the users mode of operation would start in 1996.

During the development period of the next two years, we need the participation of an active users community. There are many new, exciting physics ideas to be developed into experiments and much experimental apparatus to be constructed and tested. To foster communication, we intend to have regular meetings with the Users Executive Committee and with the Users Group as a whole. Furthermore, we will have workshops from time to time concerning the development of the research program and the required experimental systems at HRIBF. The first of these meetings will be held in the near future on detectors for the RMS. By working together, we hope to maximize the scientific benefits of an exciting new era for nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics made possible by the availability of high-intensity radioactive ion beams.

7. Users Group Meeting at the Asilomar DNP Meeting.

All users are encouraged to attend the HRIBF Users Meeting at the Asilomar Division of Nuclear Meeting. The meeting will be held THURSDAY OCTOBER 21 19:30 -- 20:30 IN THE VIEWPOINT WEST ROOM of the Asilomar Conference Center. This will be a good time to hear the latest details of what is happening at HRIBF and to express your thoughts for our new facility. <>

9. Ed Zganjar -- New Chairperson Elect of HRIBF Users Executive Committee.

In a recent meeting of the HRIBF Users Executive Committee Ed Zganjar of Louisiana State University was elected chairperson elect of the HRIBF Users Executive Committee. Ed will replace Cyrus Baktash as chairperson in January 1994. Members of the HRIBF Users Group also will soon receive ballots for the election of new members to the Users Executive Committee.

10. Postdoctorial Positions at ORNL.

Postdoctorial positions in nuclear structure and accelerator physics should soon become available at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Interested candidates should provide a curriculum vitae, a statement of how they could contribute to the Oak Ridge research program, and letters of reference from three individuals who are in a position to evaluate them. Nuclear structure candidates should provide this infomation to Cyrus Baktash, Mail Stop 6371, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6371, and accelerator physics candidates should provide it to David Olsen, Mail Stop 6368, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6368. Applications by email (addressed to baktash@orph01 or olsen@orph01) are accepted if appropriately signed letters are also sent.

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