HRIBF Users Group Charter (Rev. 2003)

HRIBF Users Group Charter (Rev. 2003)

The Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (HRIBF) Users Group is an organization of scientists and research personnel interested in the radioactive ion beam research and technical programs at the HRIBF. The purposes of this group are as follows:

  • To provide a formal channel for the exchange of information between the HRIBF administration and the scientists who utilize this facility for research.
  • To provide a means for the inclusion of its members in specific projects connected with the development and operation of the facility and in the research program.
  • To act as a consulting and supporting body for the HRIBF.

1. Membership

The membership of the Users Group is open to scientists and research personnel interested in the HRIBF. Members request to be added or removed from the group by the HRIBF Users Office. It is the responsibility of the users to provide the Users Office with current information.

  1. Members may be removed from the Users Group by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. A possible reason for removal is that the member is not a qualified scientist or research person in the eyes of the Committee.
  2. Removed members may be reinstated with the support of at least one member of the Executive Committee.

2. Committees

An Executive Committee will be established to conduct group business. The Committee consists of four voting members of the Users Group whose elected term of office is four years. The Committee will organize by selecting a chair. The HRIBF Science Director and Users Liaison will be ex-officio members.

  1. Two members of the Executive Committee will be elected every two years.
  2. The term of office is four years starting on January 1 and ending December 31.
  3. The chair is to be determined by the end of the second meeting of the year. The chair should have at least one year of prior experience on this or previous HRIBF Users Executive Committees. Prior to selection, the Committee will be run by the previous year's chair, if available, or the HRIBF Scientific Director.
  4. The term of the chair is for one year and is renewable, although it is not to be more than 2 years unless circumstances suggest this is the best course of action.
  5. No institution may have more than one member.
  6. HRIBF staff are permitted to serve on the committee but are prohibited from serving as chair.
  7. The chair is expected to attend the HRIBF Program Advisory Committee Meetings as an observer.
  8. One member of the Executive Committee is expected to attend the HRIBF Science Policy Committee meetings as a representative of the Executive Committee. The representative is expected to serve at least two years. In addition, one other member of the Executive Committee may also attend as an observer.
  9. Removal of a member of the Executive Committee is possible through an initiative by 10% of members of the Users Group, submitting statements of support for such action. Upon reaching this threshold, the Executive Committee must survey the Users Group and 66% of those voting must be in favor of the removal. The vacancy will be filled as per Section 5.2 and amendments.

3. Elections

  1. Executive Committee elections will take place in the latter half of the calendar year. The Committee will run the election and determine the results.
  2. All persons who are members when the balloting starts may vote.
  3. The nominating committee consists of the outgoing Executive Committee members and the HRIBF Science Director.
  4. In order to ensure the diversity of the Executive Committee, the nominating committee will select two members to compete for the seat of each outgoing committee member. The slate of candidates will be presented to the Users Group and additional nominations from the entire Users Group will be solicited for at least three weeks. Additional nominations are made by sending to the nominating committee at least 10 statements of support and identifying the seat of the outgoing committee member.
  5. Present Executive Committee members may not be nominated.
  6. A plurality of votes is sufficient for election. In case of a tie-vote, the present Executive Committee will break the tie.

4. Communications

Periodically the HRIBF Users Office will provide information to the Users Group. This information may take any form the HRIBF feels appropriate.
  1. All official business of the group, including elections, may be conducted by whatever means the Executive Committee feels appropriate.

5. Procedures

  1. The Executive Committee will conduct its business in a democratic manner with one vote per member. In case of tie votes, the current policy will remain unchanged.
  2. Vacancies on the Executive Committee must be replaced. The remaining Executive Committee members will appoint a current member of the Users Group to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. If the chair is vacant, the remaining members will choose an interim chair amongst themselves, fill the vacancy, and only then elect a new chair for the remainder of the year.
  3. A Users Liaison will be selected by the HRIBF in consultation with the Executive Committee chair.
  4. The Executive Committee may survey the Users Group and call meetings. The results of these surveys should be transmitted to the Users Office.
  5. Upon request, the Executive Committee should provide additional advice to the HRIBF.

6. Amendments

  1. Amendments to this charter must originate from the Executive Committee or from a group of ten members sending statements of support to the Executive Committee.
  2. Amendments to the charter may be adopted by a vote of the membership (plurality required) or unanimous vote of the four-member Executive Committee. If the amendment passes by Executive Committee vote, a group of ten at-large members may request a vote by the entire Users Group and the amendment in question is suspended until the vote can be held. Upon notification of the passage of the amendment, the at-large membership will have four weeks to request the vote.

7. Definitions

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the duties of the chair specified in this charter may be carried out by a designated member of the Executive Committee.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, all duties and expectations with regard to membership and observer status on HRIBF committees mentioned specifically in this charter, will extend to any replacement committees.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, all duties of HRIBF personnel specified in this charter may be carried out by a designee or replacement personnel.

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