Dear HRIBF User,

The Executive Committee of the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (HRIBF) Users Group has been discussing ways to improve its effectiveness and ensure that the diverse nature of the Users Group has fair representation. To this end, a detailed review of the HRIBF Users Group Charter was carried out over the first half of 2003. In close consultation with the HRIBF, a revised Users HRIBF Group Charter was drafted. The Executive Committee met by conference call on June 5, 2003, to review the proposed changes and voted unanimously to bring the revised HRIBF Users Charter to members of the Users Group for adoption.

Highlights of the proposed changes include reducing the number of Executive Committee members from six to four (in line with the committee structures at other low-energy, heavy-ion research facilities) while at the same time expanding the role of the Executive Committee members to HRIBF scientific committees of importance to its users. For example, the revised Users Charter calls for the chair of the Executive Committee to serve as an observer at all HRIBF Program Advisory Committee meetings. One member of the Executive Committee will also be appointed as a representative to the HRIBF Scientific Policy Committee.

Several minor changes in the Users Group Charter are also proposed that will permit the use of current technology to better communicate information to Users Group members.

The current Users Group Charter requires that amendments be presented at a general meeting of the Users Group. Therefore, a HRIBF Users Group meeting has been scheduled for 6:00 pm on Monday, August 18, 2003, in conjunction with the HRIBF Workshop on Decay Spectroscopy Studies. Soon after the formal presentation of the revised Users Group Charter, a ballot will be sent to each member, requesting approval.

The Executive Committee encourages each member of the HRIBF Users Group to review the revised HRIBF Users Group Charter
Any questions or concerns can be address to members of the Executive Committee.

Best regards,

HRIBF Users Executive Committee
July 7, 2003

HRIBF Users Executive Committee

Ani Aprahamian
Jeff Blackmon
Paul Mantica, chair
David Radford
Demetrios Sarantites
Ed Zganjar, vice-chair

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