Scientific Policy Committee (SPC)

Scientific Policy Committee (SPC)
The Scientific Policy Committee (SPC) is a committee that advises HRIBF on its long-term science goals. The group represents several institutions in and outside of the U. S. and provides a knowledge base of activities and future plans of radioactive ion beams facilities throughout the world. In this context, the group advises HRIBF on competitiveness issues. Coupled with this are upgrades to the facility as well as research equipment. The committee meets yearly and provides a written report after each meeting. The meetings are also observed by the chair of the HRIBF Users Executive Committee.

Present SPC Membership

J. Äystö, chair University of Jyväskylä 2002 - present
P. A. Butler University of Liverpool 2005 - present
B. Filippone California Institute of Technology 2002 - present
T. Glasmacher Michigan State University 2002 - present
J. C. Hardy Texas A&M University 2002 - present
K. E. Rehm Argonne National Laboratory 2002 - present
A. C. Shotter TRIUMF 2002 - present

SPC Meetings

SPC-6 Fall 2007
SPC-5 December 12-14, 2006
SPC-4 December 9-10, 2005
SPC-3 May 7-8, 2004
SPC-2 August 22-23, 2003
SPC-1 November 22-23, 2002

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