Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)

Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)
Scalable Vector Graphics is a web standard that is in various states of development for browsers. Presently, the most common way to access svg on the web is through the free Adobe SVG Viewer plugin which runs on many browsers. Make sure you download the SVG Viewer and not the ICC color add-on.

Status as of March 12, 2007

Opera (Linux, Apple, Windows)
Free browser. Claims to have svg implemented natively. We have a report that some versions may use the Adobe plugin.
Safari (Apple)
Developing native svg implementation. Builds available from webkit but 2.0.4 and below use the Adobe plugin. Note that Intel-Mac users need to run safari under Rosetta (Highlight Safari icon, choose Get Info, check "Run under Rosetta" box).
Mozilla/Firefox (Linux, Apple, Windows)
Developing native svg implementation. Images should be viewable but animations do not work at this time. Older versions use the Adobe plugin.
Internet Explorer (Windows)
svg plans are unknown to us but some versions work with the Adobe plugin.

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