Fission Radioactivity

Fission Radioactivity
In this example, 238U decays via fission into 131Sn and 95Sr and 2 neutrons. The nuclei are in excited states and decay through the emission of many gamma-rays.

The "daughter" nuclei, are also radioactive and they beta decay:
131Sn (half-life is 56 seconds) and 95Sr (half-life is 23.9 seconds) beta decay to
131Sb (half-life is 23.0 minutes) and 95Y (half-life is 10.3 minutes) which also beta decay to
131Te (half-life is 25.0 minutes) and 95Zr (half-life is 64.0 days) which also beta decay to
131I (half-life is 8.0 day) and 95Nb (half-life is 35 days) which also beta decay to
131Xe and 95Mo which are stable.

Ground-state fission occurs in heavy nuclei (mass larger than 230). Fission also can occur in nuclear reactions

For more reading see Wikipedia's nuclear fission

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