Policies regarding proposals and experiments

Policies regarding proposals and experiments
Our policies regarding proposals and accepted experiments.
  1. HRIBF will review the proposals for safety and feasibility and may be in contact with the spokespersons before the PAC meeting.
  2. Some of the criteria which the PAC use to evaluate the proposal is:
    • Is the science compelling ?
    • Will the proposed experiment deliver the promised science ?
    • Is the proposal well written, informative, and gives the impression that the proposers have the science under control ?
    • Have similar experiments been completed elsewhere ? Links which you may find useful are:
    • Is the proposal appropriate for HRIBF ?
      • Are there other facilities with better requested beams ?
      • Is the requested equipment appropriate for the experiment ?
      • If requesting SIBs, are the stable beams:
        • in support of RIB experiments (calibration, system debugging, systematic studies, etc.)
        • used to develop new techniques or equipment (usually destined for RIB experiments)
        • taking advantage of unique capabilities of HRIBF
        • beneficial to the facility in order to maintain productivity
    • Is there sufficient manpower and resources to complete the experiment ?
    • Are all the co-authors on the proposal aware of this submission ?
    • Has the proposal been submitted somewhere else ?
    • Have the proposers reported results of previous experiments at HRIBF in a timely manner ?
  3. We do not intend to make proposals public although some statistics concerning number, participants, affiliations, types of experiments, etc. may be made public. When storing, handling, and distributing proposals we and the reviewers may use unencrypted technologies such as unencrypted hard drives or removable media, network printers, email, and web-based resouces. We will make every effort to keep the proposal confidential.
  4. We do not have oral presentations to the Program Advisory Committee (PAC); written descriptions of the experiment should suffice. However, the PAC is encouraged to contact spokespersons should any questions arise.
  5. The PAC will consider and prioritize proposals for any of the many radioactive ion beams now available for research.
  6. The facility generally accepts the recommendations of the PAC.
  7. Spokespersons of rejected proposals may appeal.
  8. Accepted proposals may be made public although they generally are not.
  9. We are primarily a radioactive ion beam facility. Although we do experiments using stable beams, such experiments are often postponed when radioactive beams are ready to run.
  10. All experiments must be completed within a 3-year period or it must be resubmitted to the PAC.

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