Information for HRIBF PAC-12 Proposals

Information for HRIBF PAC-12 Proposals
Proposals to be submitted to the Program Advisory Committee must be received on or before Monday, October 24, 2005. Detailed instructions including important dates may be found on our website. A list of beams including expected intensities is also available. Some web-based programs may also be beneficial to your planning:
mass difference calculator Estimate isobar contamination
TOPS Estimate tandem voltage and beam charge state(s)
RIB yields Measured or estimated yields

We encourage you to contact us with suggestions for the beams you require to pursue your physics research. Parameters as to what constitutes a suitable beam for the HRIBF may be found in our more recent newsletters.

We ask that you need to be aware that scheduling experiments at our facility is difficult. Sufficiently many experiments must be available before it is "cost effective" to schedule a particular RIB ion source or endstation configuration.

Additional information reflecting the present status of equipment and techniques is provided on our equipment web pages. You are encouraged to contact the mentor of the equipment should you have any questions. Information from previous PACs is provided below.

Previous PAC information
PAC-9 (comprehensive update)
Second stage mass separator
The second stage isobaric separator, a critical magnet on the RIB injector beamline, has been repaired. We are now able to deliver neutron-rich RIBs to the tandem.

HPTL impact
The construction of the High Power Target Laboratory (HPTL) is complete. All target stations are operational again.

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