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10. The 3rd LACM-EFES-JUSTIPEN Workshop Held at ORNL
(T. Papenbrock)

The third LACM-EFES-JUSTIPEN Workshop was held on February 23-25, 2009 (with Feb. 26 and 27 devoted to more individual collaborations) at the Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The meeting is a merger of two workshops: (i) the US-Japan theory meeting under the auspices of the Japan-US Theory Institute for Physics with Exoctic Nuclei (JUSTIPEN) and (ii) the annual NNSA-JIHIR meeting on the nuclear large amplitude collective motion (LACM) with an emphasis on fission.

The meeting, jointly organized by the JUSTIPEN Governing Board, the UT/ORNL theory group, the Todai-RIKEN Joint International Program for Nuclear Physics (TORIJIN), and the JSPS Core-to-Core program "International Research Network for Exotic Femto Systems (EFES)", brought together theorists and experimentalists with interests in the physics of radioactive nuclei, LACM, and theoretical approaches related to the SciDAC-2 UNEDF project. As in the preceding Joint JUSTIPEN-LACM Meetings, one emphasis of the meeting was on topics related to future collaborations between US and Japanese groups. The meeting was attended by almost 90 researchers including about 20 Japanese visitors, and it consisted of about 50 talks. Some of the highlights of the workshop were Arima's special lecture on "New facilities for exploration of exotic nuclei", the dedication of new office space in the JIHIR as the U.S. site of JUSTIPEN, and a tour of the computational facilities Jaguar and EVEREST.

Please see the workshop web page for more details.

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