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5. Update on Injector for Radioactive Ion Species 2 (IRIS2)
(B. A. Tatum, spokesperson)

The IRIS2 Project continues to progress well and remains scheduled for completion by September 30, 2009. Suspension of HRIBF operations following the July 2008 Operational Emergency (see HRIBF Updates in this and the previous newsletters) has had a positive impact on the project, allowing us to devote craft resources to installation activities without interruption by higher priority operation issues. Thus substantial progress has been made, particularly in the areas of injector and transport beamline assembly, routing of utilities, and electrical/control systems.

Vacuum systems for both the injector and transport beam lines have been successfully installed, leak checked, and pumped down to better than the specified high vacuum level of 5.0X10-6 Torr. This includes the transport beamline 35 degree and 90 degree electrostatic deflectors which have been fully assembled, successfully bench tested in terms of vacuum and high voltage specifications, and installed on the transport beamline.

Injector beamline electrical/control system installation and functional testing are nearing completion. Installation of transport beamline electrical/control system components and functional testing are underway. Remaining storage boxes for activated target ion sources and other aspects of the handling system will be procured as soon as the FY09 funds become available. Procurement of the modular laser room and associated laser safety systems is in progress. Drilling of the 8-inch diameter hole for the laser and utility port plug through the 9.5-foot-thick concrete shielding wall has been completed.

An Operational Readiness Review was held in early December 2008 so that any concerns identified could be addressed prior to beginning commissioning with beam. Draft revisions to Authorization Basis documents, procedures, and training were presented to the committee for discussion and review. There were no surprises and we are awaiting the Review report. The stable ion beam portion of commissioning is expected to begin in February. Commissioning with RIB produced by an ORIC proton beam on a uranium carbide target will probably not begin earlier than May 1, since commencement of this activity requires permission of ORNL management granted as part of the Operational Emergency recovery process. The project remains on schedule and budget with ample contingency still available.

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