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5. PAC-14 Results and PAC-15
(C. J. Gross)

PAC-14 met January 10-11, 2008, in Oak Ridge and considered 19 proposals and letters of intent which requested 219 shifts of ISOL radioactive beams (RIBs), 36 shifts of in-flight RIBs, 57 shifts of low intensity stable beams (SIB for RIBs), and 0 shifts of stable beams (SIBs). Of these, a total of 156 ISOL RIB shifts (18 non-ORIC ISOL), 36 in-flight RIB shifts, 57 SIB for RIB shifts, and 0 SIB shifts were approved.

Approved experiments requested RIBs of 26Al, 75-77,79-82Cu, 84-87Ga, 86,88As, 87Br, 97Ag, 126,134Sn, and 134Te. The total number of accepted proposals was 17; 11 of which were from outside organizations. We received 6 requests for our new beamline LeRIBSS (Low energy Radioactive Ion Beam Spectroscopy Station) and all were accepted so that a backlog of experiments for this type of experiment will be available.

Art Champagne, chair of the Users Executive Committee, represented the Users at the meeting. We anticipate PAC-15 to occur in late 2008 with proposals due in October.

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