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10. eRIBs'07 Workshop held in October 2007
(A. Galindo-Uribarri)

The International Workshop eRIBs07 "Electron Drivers for Radioactive Ion Beams" was held on October 10th, 2007, at the Marriott Hotel, Newport News, VA. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the scientific and technological issues associated with the production of radioactive ion beams by photofission of actinides. The workshop was organized by users of the ORNL and TRIUMF RIB facilities and sponsored by the Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research, ORNL and TRIUMF. The event was opened to all interested participants. The workshop was aimed to raise awareness of the impact that a facility at HRIBF based on photofission of actinides can bring to nuclear science and to discuss the associated technical challenges.

The workshop program consisted of four sessions, a lunch-hour poster session and a general discussion session at the end. The program, list of participants, list of posters and all the talks are available at the workshop's website. Overviews of the projects and on the physics opportunities in nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics were given followed by presentations describing efforts being made in an international context. The technical challenges associated with the targets and sources required, as well as the advantages of these machines were discussed.

Holding the workshop during the 2007 DNP Fall meeting of the APS allowed participation from a broad spectrum of members of the nuclear physics community including the local JLAB community, particularly the accelerator physicists. The workshop was well attended, with about 50 participants. It was recognized that science with neutron-rich fission fragment beams is the keystone of our research program and will continue to be. An electron-beam based facility can produce intense beams in a cost-effective way. Such a facility would be competitive world-wide for neutron-rich beams until FRIB-scale facilities are available. There is ample motivation and enhanced physics opportunities that such a facility can bring.

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