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RA4. User Group News

The Users Executive Committee election was held in Fall 2006 and Art Champagne (UNC) and Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri (ORNL) were selected for four-year terms and join continuing members Robert Grzywacz (UT) and Walt Loveland (OSU). The committee held a telephone conference call in February and elected Art Champagne (North Carolina) as chair. The next users workshop will most likely occur in Fall 2007 and be on the physics to be done with the proposed electron driver upgrade. We thank Uwe Greife (Co. Mines) and David Radford (ORNL) for their service these past several years.

The HRIBF Users Group met on October 26, 2006 in Nashville at the Fall Meeting of the DNP. More than 110 people attended the meeting which was be held jointly with the ATLAS, NSCL, GAMMASPHERE/GRETINA, and RIA Users groups and sponsored by HRIBF, ATLAS, and NSCL. Our portion was hosted by UEC member Uwe Greife. Carl Gross presented a facility update, Kate Grzywacz-Jones (UT) presented recent data taken on 132Sn(d,p) in inverse kinematics, and Jim Beene presented our plans to upgrade the facility including an electron driver to produce intense beams of neutron-rich isotopes from fission of uranium.

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