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10. Joint JUSTIPEN-LACM Meeting at JIHIR to be Held on March 5-8, 2007
(W. Nazarewicz )

The Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research (JIHIR) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will hold the Joint JUSTIPEN-LACM Meeting on March 5-8, 2007. The meeting is a merger of two workshops: (i) the annual NNSA-JIHIR meeting on the nuclear large amplitude collective motion (LACM) with an emphasis on fission, and (ii) the US-Japan theory meeting under the auspices of the Japan-US Theory Institute for Physics with Exoctic Nuclei (JUSTIPEN).

The purpose of the meeting, jointly organized by the JUSTIPEN Governing Board and by the UT/ORNL theory group, is to bring together scientists (theorists and experimentalists) with interests in physics of radioactive nuclei, LACM, and theoretical approaches related to the SciDAC-2 UNEDF project. The emphasis of the meeting will be on topics related to future collaborations with Japanese groups (under JUSTIPEN).

There is no charge to attend the meeting, but those interested should contact Thomas Papenbrock for registration information that is needed to process entry to the laboratory. We are asking even those holding current ORNL badges to register so an accurate count can be obtained for the lunches and coffee breaks. More information about the workshop will soon be available at the workshop webpage. We are looking forward to an exciting meeting with stimulating discussions.

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