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6. What's New at HRIBF - Update on Injector for Radioactive Ion Species 2 (IRIS2)
(B. A. Tatum )

All aspects of the IRIS2 Project are progressing well. The major effort in the facility modifications portion of the project has been associated with design, fabrication, and installation of the Target Room HVAC system. Design of this system was completed in the fall and a construction contract was subsequently awarded. The system will be installed and operable by April 1. Most of the project effort to date has been focused on design and procurement of long lead-time technical equipment components. Design of both high voltage platform structures has been finalized with National Electrostatics Corporation (NEC). The injector beamline platform will be received in May, and the instrumentation platform in August. Acceleration tubes have already been received. A contract for fabrication of the first stage mass separator magnets has been awarded to Sigma Phi. The rectangular dipole is slated to arrive in Oak Ridge in early July, and the two sector dipoles will arrive in late July. High voltage conduit design has been completed and components ordered. Abbott Plastics and their Canadian provider of polyethylene are producing the major components of the conduits. Each of the four conduits will consist of an aluminum pipe surrounded by an 18.5″OD x 8.5′ID x 16′long polyethylene extrusion. Delivery is expected by the end of January. After arrival at ORNL, the assembly will be inserted through rectangular polyethylene laminations for additional isolation and ease of insertion into the concrete shielding wall. ES Inc. has delivered the 10-foot extension of the HPTL crane and it has been installed. A portion of the automation package has also been received. The system should be fully operable by April. Support structure for localized shield around the target ion source has been fabricated, received, and partially installed. Both the upper and forward shielding sections will be movable and another side will be fixed. Fabrication of the individual shielding planks is also under way. Overall, the IRIS2 Project is on schedule and on budget.

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