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13. Reaction Workshop Held at HRIBF
(D. Shapira)

A workshop on "Near and Sub-barrier Fusion of Radioactive Ions with Medium and Heavy Targets" was held at the ORNL on December 2-3, 2005. There were 32 participants evenly devided between active users and visitors from other institutions in the US and abroad. The idea was to make the community interested in this subject of nuclear physics aware of our capabilities (beams and experimental facilities). A panel at the end of the workshop was convened by the organizers seeking input/consensus on how to best utilize HRIBF resources and cabapabilites to make advances in this field.

Known practicitioners in the field made presentations and served on the panel. These included experimentalists (D. Hinde from ANU, E. Rehm form ANL) as well as theoreticians (B. Balantekin from U. of Wisconsin, P. Moller from LASL, M. Hussein from U. of Sao Paulo).

As expected there is no clear consensus on how to proceed with our local program here, but several ideas were noteworthy. As a result of this workshop contact with future collaborators was established. There were two groups interested in the 7Be cababilities at HRIBF. One group was interested in transfer reaction studies and will probably end up doing them at ANL. The other group from INFN-Naples is interested in the quasileastic scattering and breakup of 7Be on heavy targets and will submit a proposal to PAC13.

Our local collaboration is expanding and now includes active collaborators from U. of Notre Dame (Kolata), Univ. of Michigan (Becchetti, Amro), Oregon State U. (W. Loveland & co.), UNAM-Mexico (E. Chavez), ANU-Australia (D. Hinde ) and occasional participants from other colleges and universities.

More details about the workshop can be found at its web site.

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