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6. Update on Injector for Radioactive Ion Species 2 (IRIS2)
(B. A. Tatum)

The ORNL Physics Division submitted a proposal for the construction of a second RIB injector, known as IRIS2, to DOE-NP in September 2004. This proposal was reviewed for significance and scientific merit in that month by the same panel that was conducting the annual HPTL Review. A revised Proposal and a draft Project Management Plan were requested by the Panel, and these documents were both submitted to DOE-NP in October 2005 in preparation for a baseline Review. This Technical, Cost, Schedule, and Management Review of the proposed project was held at Oak Ridge on October 24-25, 2005. As of the end of the calendar year, we are pleased to report that this project has been funded and the PMP is being finalized. The project cost is approximately $4.7M and will span three years with completion scheduled by the end of February 2009.

IRIS2, with components shown in red in the figure below, will be co-located with the recently completed High Power Target Laboratory (HPTL), so no civil construction is required. The principal focus of the Project is associated with Technical Equipment. The primary components of the project are:

  • High Voltage Platform System in the Target and Instrumentation Rooms
  • Injector Beamline on the platform
  • Transport Beamline from the platform to existing beamline 12
  • Remote Handling and Localized Shielding in the Target Room
  • Target Room HVAC System for temperature and humidity control for high voltage operation
  • Laser Room to provide an operating venue for lasers employed in on-line resonance laser ion sources and in other beam purification schemes employing lasers
  • Utility systems will be expanded to accommodate the substantial addition of technical equipment

    Figure 6-1: Floor map of HRIBF with IRIS2 (shown in red).

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