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6. Recent Scientific and Technical Review of HRIBF by DOE
(G. R. Young)

The DOE Office of Nuclear Physics held a science and technology review of the HRIBF at ORNL on November 22-23, 2004. This review asked an outside panel of experts to advise the Office regarding all aspects of the HRIBF program. Jim Beene presented an overview of HRIBF and its science progam, and Alan Tatum described the recent operational experience with HRIBF and the now-underway project to add a new High-Power Target Lab to HRIBF to improve our ability to develop and test new ion sources at full power. Alan also presented a plan for a second RIB injector platform and for a future driver accelerator which would produce RIBs via electrofission. Dan Stracener reviewed the ion source development program, including the new results on laser-purification of beams. Sandra Kennedy reviewed operational experience for the Physics Division and for its users and gave a perspective on recent safety initiatives. Witek Nazarewicz, Carl Gross, and Ed Zganjar gave an overview of the user program, UEC membership, and recent running and PAC statistics. The scientific program was presented in two sets of talks, with Michael Smith and Raph Hix reviewing astrophysics experiment and theory, and Dave Radford and Krysztof Rykaczewski covering nuclear structure experimental work prior to Witek Nazarewicz's review of structure theory. Cyrus Baktash drew these results together and presented the scientific and technical case for improvements to the HRIBF experimental apparatus, with an emphasis on upgrades to the gamma-ray detection capability, an improved gas-jet target, and a modernized analysis computing farm.

These reviews have become a regular means for the Office of Nuclear Physics to gather recent information about its users facilities and plan for their future use and improvement. They are a key forum to present matters which will enhance the facility's scientific output and strengthen the user program.

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