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RA4. Users Group News
(C. J. Gross, HRIBF User Liaison)

The HRIBF will not hold its annual Users Group Meeting this year. In conjunction with ATLAS and NSCL a joint users meeting will be held at one of the labs some time in 2011. A survey of users was taken earlier this year and the response was overwelmingly positive to such a move. The motives behind the joint meeting are:

  • more time to each facility than is available at the DNP
  • foster interaction between groups that work at the different laboratories
  • provide opportunities to form collaborations
  • minimize travel expense for users who work at more than one laboratory

It is expected the meeting will take place over a two-day period and will rotate between the laboratories. Several users suggested other facilities or groups may also wish to hold meetings at this forum. It is unclear at this time if any of the suggested expansions will be implemented.

The HRIBF Users Executive Committee Election will be held soon to replace Art Champagne (UNC) and Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri (ORNL). They formed a committee together with Witek Nazarewicz and nominated the following slate of candidates who have agreed to serve if elected. At-large candidates have been solicited from the entire users group. The current ballot is:

For the seat of Art Champagne
  • Uwe Greife (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Kate Grzywacz-Jones (University of Tennessee)
For the seat of Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri
  • Elizabeth Padilla-Rodal (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
  • Noemie Benczer-Koller (Rutgers University)

Ballots are to be sent sometime in October.

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