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RA3. User Group News

The HRIBF will hold its annual Users Group Meeting at this year's DNP meeting in Newport News, VA on Thursday evening, October 11. As has become tradition, this meeting will be held jointly with the ATLAS, NSCL, GAMMASPHERE/GRETINA, and RIA Users groups. More details will be provided in future emails.

The next Users Group Workshop will be on the physics to be done with beams produced by photofission. HRIBF hopes to submit a proposal to DOE at the end of the calendar year to build a 50 kW electron accelerator capable of inducing 1013 fissions per second. Current HRIBF neutron-rich beams are produced with 3x1011 fissions per second. In addition, the photofission process results in more neutron-rich isotopes such as 134Sn. Additional information including projected beam intensities are given on our electron driver website.

Dates for the workshop have yet to be determined.

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