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6. High Power Target Laboratory (HTPL) Update
(B. A. Tatum)

Progress on the High Power Target Laboratory (HPTL) has been substantial. Modifications to building 6000 have been completed and include the heavily-shielded Target Room, the lightly-shielded Instrumentation Room, and considerable space above the Target Room for low energy RIB analysis.A new entrance was also added to the south side of the existing South Annex that includes double doors and a wide ramp for easier equipment access.

All major technical equipment components have been delivered including the high voltage platform, magnets for the ORIC beam line and RIB analysis system, power supplies, and vacuum components. ORIC beam line alignment and assembly has gone extremely well. The platform has been installed for many months and the target station and RIB analysis system are being installed on that structure. As with most projects, the details will consume the most time in the remaining months. Control system programming, wiring, alignment, and testing of individual components will require many more hours of effort.

An HPTL Readiness Review was conducted recently at ORNL. Following completion of a small number of identified tasks and signing of our revised Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE), we expect to be granted approval to operate by Oak Ridge Operations.

Commissioning activities are expected to begin by the end of August, and the HPTL Project remains scheduled for substantial completion by October 1, 2005.

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