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11. The Fourth Annual RIA Summer School Held at LBNL
(C. J. Gross)

The Fourth Annual RIA Summer School was held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory July 31 - August 6. Forty-seven students participated in morning lectures by Robert Grzywacz (Nuclear Structure), Guy Savard (Fundamental Symmetries), Hendrik Schatz (Astrophysics), James Vary (Theory), Sherry Yanello (Reactions), Larry Ahle (RIA Applications), Cody Folden (Heavy Elements), Daniela Leitner (Accelerator Physics), and Augusto Macchiavelli (Gamma-ray Tracking). In the afternoon hands-on activities included work on the BGS, Coulomb excitation, ECR ion sources, gamma-ray tracking, low background counting, neutron activation analysis, neutron-gamma pulse shape discrimination, nuclear theory, and a weak interactions experiment.

The aim of the summer school is to nurture future RIA scientists so that the community will have sufficient manpower to effectively use RIA when it comes on-line. The RIA Summer School is jointly organized by the ATLAS, 88-Inch Cyclotron, HRIBF, NSCL, and LLNL/N-division. The school is an annual event that rotates among the organizations, excluding LLNL.

The next Summer School will be held July 17-21, 2006, at the HRIBF. Note that this is the week prior the Nuclear Structure Conference which will also be held in Oak Ridge. We hope that many of the students will be able to participate in both events.

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