Initiatives - HRIBF IRIS-2

Initiatives - HRIBF IRIS-2
A second Injector for Radioactive Ion Species (IRIS-2) has been funded (4.7 M dollars) and began in January 2006. This project will connect the present HPTL high voltage platform to the tandem accelerator. When completed in FY 2009, the HRIBF will be able to deliver RIBs to the researcher from 2 platforms. This will enable us to increase research hours and improve some beams since this larger platform can accommodate more and varied ion source systems.

The IRIS-2 project consists of a new low energy beamline, laser room for laser ion sources and photodetachment beam purification technques, and utility systems including environmental controls to improve high voltage operations. Several goals/advantages of this project are listed below.

  • Provides a production system that will accommodate target/ion sources that cannot be implemented on the existing RIB injector due to space constraints. Examples include laser and ECR ion sources.
  • Faster transition between experimental campaigns with different target/ion sources.
  • Increase in RIB hours for experiments - up to 3000 hours of RIBs on target
  • Further increases in performance (RIB intensity, variety, purity) will follow from R&D carried out on IRIS2/HPTL.
  • Early implementation of laser photo-detachment and laser ion sources will impact beam purity quickly.
Fig. 1 - Floorplan showing the components of IRIS-2 in red.

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