Initiatives - HRIBF ORIC Axial Injection

Initiatives - HRIBF ORIC Axial Injection
ORIC operations can be improved considerably by changing the present internal ion source to an external ion source using axial injection. The axial injection line can support multiple ion sources and be located within a shielded area permitting servicing of one ion source while the other is providing beam.
Fig. 1 - Proposed design of the electrostatic spiral inflector.
Some advantages of this project are given below.
  • Multi-cusp ion source for production of high intensity H- and D- beams ECR ion source for He++ and heavier ions such as Li, C magnetic beam transport components used to address space-charge effects
  • Multi-harmonic (MH) beam pulsing system and a spiral inflector.
  • Approximately 80% of the analyzed DC beams extracted from the ion sources will be efficiently injected into and accelerated by ORIC.
  • Extract light ion beams from the ORIC with intensities up to 100 μA using a newly designed foil stripping extraction system
  • Higher driver beam intensities combined with beam rastering will yield higher intensity RIBS

Fig. 2 - Floorplan showing the proposed location of the external ion source.
This project is expected to cost approximately 1.2 M dollars but would result in considerable down time (6-9 months) for ORIC as significant changes to the cyclotron's dee structure will have to be performed. At present, we anticipate beginning this project in FY 2010. However, if the electron driver project were to be funded, we would coordinate both projects in order to minimize down time.
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