Form to Visit HRIBF

Form to Visit HRIBF

Upon completion of this short form, you will be asked by email (within 2 business days) to go to a secure ORNL web-site where you will need to supply some information about yourself. The information required to complete this form, as well as maps, directions and accommodations, is given in the visitors section of this website. Failure to provide required information will cause delays in processing your request to come on-site. To prevent problems, foreign nationals will be asked to fax HRIBF the pages of your passport containing your name, expiration date of the passport, and any current U.S. visa information it may contain.


If you do not yet know your exact travel plans fill out this form anyway and then contact us as soon as you have finalized your itinerary. Experimenters are encouraged to fill this form well in advance of their experiment.

You must provide some form of photo identification when you arrive. For U.S. citizens this is a photo-ID such as a drivers license. For all others, a passport is required.

Citizenship Processing Time
U.S. 5 working days
Non-sensitive 20 days
Sensitive 40 days

As a consequence of the strong magnetic and rf fields present at the HRIBF, there are some potential health hazards associated with visiting Building 6000 where the accelerators are housed. If you wear a pacemaker for your heart, please inform us well in advance of your visit.

Application form
ORNL Contact Person       
Applicant's name (as in passport/photo-ID)       
Electronic mail (email) address       
Type of visit
   Visit (30 days or less; no hands-on work, external wireless computer access only)
   Assignment (>30 days; experiment participants, use of ORNL computers)
Planned arrival date (MM-DD-YY)      
Purpose of visit - Either briefly describe
or if you are participating in an experiment, choose the experiment.

You may need to use the scroll bar. Facility development experiments are near the end of the list.

You should receive by email an application form within 2 business days. Contact information is available in the visitors section of this website. If you cannot wait the usual 2 business days for processing, the receipt you receive after submitting this form should be sent to your ORNL contact.

For questions about this page please contact the HRIBF User Liaison.

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