Scheduling Beam Time

Scheduling Beam Time
This form should only be filled out by the spokesperson. If you are participating in a scheduled experiment you need to fill out a different form.


To ensure the safety of all persons involved with your experiment and that all necessary safety requirements are met, please review all sections below and fill in all that apply to your experiment. Failure to inform us of any potentially hazardous materials which you may bring or require, or any activities which require training as per DOE/ORNL/HRIBF policy, may result in a scheduling delay of your beam time. As spokesperson you are responsible for your collaborators.

All sections must be filled out to ensure prompt scheduling.

Request for Beam Time

Please select your experiment (you may need to use the scroll bar). Facility development experiments are near the end of the list.

You may need to use the scroll bar. Facility development experiments are near the end of the list.

Alternate spokesperson (if changed)
Alternate spokesperson's email (if changed)
ORNL Contact Person


Please list any collaborators who were not included on the original proposal.

A limited number of rooms may be reserved in the hostel located on site as part of the Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research. Your collaborators who wish to take advantage of these free accommodations may request a room when they fill out their Visit Request Form.

Telephone numbers for some local accommodations may be found by following this link. Please note that you are responsible for making your own hotel reservations.

Experimental Details

Have any details of the experiment changed since the initial proposal was approved? If so, please explain fully in the space below. Use this space if you require many beam changes or beams (with energies) for calibrations which were not detailed in the original proposal.

Total number of 8-hr shifts
Desired starting dates
Undesirable dates

Radioactivity Handling

Which sources do you need provided by HRIBF? If you require sources stronger than a few microCuries (0.1 MBq) or if you intend to bring any radioactive material with you, inform your local contact and fill in the user-supplied inventory lists in the next section.

The registered sources below are available for your use after appropriate training. Check all that apply.

If you selected other, please give the type of source(s), intensity (with units), and purpose. Please also contact the liaison officer below to find out if this source is available. If HRIBF is unable to provide the desired source and no substitutes can be found here, one may have a source shipped to us. Please inform your contact person well in advance of your experiment so that the proper arrangements can be made. Under no circumstances is one allowed to bring a radioactive substance with them unless all regulatory procedures are followed.


Please list ALL experimental equipment you are bringing for your experiment. All equipment must be inspected by facility staff prior to use. You are responsible for the removal and disposal of all equipment which you bring and its waste. All equipment must be shipped according to Department of Transportation regulations.
Yes, list provided separately
No (go to bottom of form)

Vacuum equipment - chambers, tubing, pumps, gauges, etc.

Radioactive sources or material - calibration sources, activated equipment, etc.

Detectors - Si, plastic, organics, phototubes, crystals, etc.

Hardware - magnets, lasers, etc.

Electronics equipment - NIM modules, high voltage supplies, data acquisition system, oscilloscopes, etc.

Chemicals - glues and epoxies, solvents, elemental foils such as Pb or Cd, etc.

Regulated materials - actinide elements, 6-Li, etc.

Miscellaneous - Any material not covered above

In your equipment, are there and known hazards such as asbestos, PCBs, carnicogens, or have modifications been made to standard comercial equipment?

By submitting this form, you agree that the information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and you agree to the conditions above.

For questions about this page please contact the HRIBF User Liaison.

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