Mentor Experiment Review

Mentor Experiment Review
This form should only be filled out by the mentor in consultation with the spokesperson.

Experiment Beam Time

Experiment Mentor      

You may need to use the scroll bar. Facility development experiments are near the end of the list.

The spokesperson of the experiment should have submitted a list of equipment which he/she is providing for their experiment. Please make arrangements for this equipment to be inspected by the appropriate staff member prior to use.

Remember that All equipment must be shipped according to Department of Transportation regulations.

The ES&H review committee requires the following information.

List any energized electrical equipment used in this experiment which needs to be reviewed. Do not include standard equipment like the RMS or electronics racks unless modifications have been done. Are there exposed circuits (>600 volts)

List any equipment, tools or materials used outside of their design specifications or manufacturer recommendations, or the use of "home-made" or modified equipment.

List any hazardous materials, e.g., Be, chemicals, compressed gases, wastes, etc. handled, generated, processed, used, or stored in this activity.

List any radioactive materials including sealed sources and/or wastes generated, processed, used, or stored in this activity.

List any hazardous material and/or radioactive materials which must be shipped to/from the Physics Division as a result of this experiment.

List any special controls like safety interlocks, ventilation systems, HEPA filters, or respirators required for this experiment.

By submitting this form, you agree that the information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and you agree to the conditions above.

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