HRIBF PAC-7 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-7 Experiments
The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on January 18-19, 2002. A total of 176 eight-hour shifts of radioactive ion beams (RIBs) and 266 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs) were requested. Seventy-eight shifts of RIBs and 169 shifts of SIBs were approved.

RIB-043 - Proposal to measure the 17F(p,gamma)18Ne resonant cross section at the HRIBF
      M. S. Smith (ORNL)
      24 shifts RIBs

RIB-044 - Single nucleon transfers to 18F
      R. L. Kozub (Tennessee Technological University)
      9 shifts RIBs and 2 shifts SIBs

RIB-045 - Identification of the decay the Tz=+1/2 nucleus 113Ba
      P. A. Hausladen (ORNL)
      17 shifts SIBs

RIB-049 - Proposal to measure the 1H(7Be,gamma)8B reaction
      A. E. Champagne (University of North Carolina)
      21 shifts RIBs and 30 shifts SIBs

RIB-054 - Request for extension of RIB-054: Study of (p,t) reactions with the SIDAR detector array
      D. W. Bardayan (ORNL)
      9 shifts SIBs

RIB-094 - Excited states in 78Y and the question of T=0 pairing
      C. H. Yu (ORNL)
      15 shifts SIBs

RIB-095 - B(E3;0+ to 3-) measurement of 132Te in inverse kinematics
      N. V. Zamfir (Yale University)
      12 shifts RIBs & 3 shifts SIBs

RIB-096 - Isospin T=1 isobaric analogue states in mass A=62 nuclides
      D. Rudolph (Lund University)
      21 shifts SIBs

RIB-097 - Development of proton transfer spectroscopy for pure tin radioactive ion beams
      E. F. Zganjar (Louisiana State University)
      6 shifts SIBs

RIB-098 - High spin states in the N=Z-3 nucleus 49Fe - Coulomb effects at large proton excess
      M. A. Bentley (Staffordshire University)
      27 shifts SIBs

RIB-099 - Measurement of the 18F(p,alpha)15O excitation function
      D. W. Bardayan (ORNL)
      21 shifts RIBs

RIB-100 - The 126Sn(d,p)127Sn reaction in inverse kinematics
      R. L. Kozub (Tennessee Tech University)
      5 shifts SIBs

RIB-101 - Search for new alpha emitters above 100Sn
      R. D. Page (University of Liverpool)
      15 shifts SIBs

RIB-102 - Search for submicrosecond proton emitter 149Lu with Enge spectrometer and radioactive 56Ni beam
      C. R. Bingham (ORNL, University of Tennessee)
      6 shifts SIBs

RIB-103 - Study of fine structure in the proton radioactivity of 146Tm
      J. C. Batchelder (ORISE)
      15 shifts SIBs

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