HRIBF PAC-5 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-5 Experiments
RIB-061 Decay mechanisms in the emission of two protons from a resonance in 18Ne
J. Gomez del Campo (ORNL)
9 shifts RIBs & 3 SIBs
RIB-062 Search for new 1p and 2p resonances in 18Ne
J. Gomez del Campo (ORNL)
9 shifts RIBs & 2 SIBs
RIB-063 Search for fragmentation of single-particle strengths in neutron-rich Sr nuclei
J. Cizewski (Rutgers)
12 shifts RIBs & 6 SIBs
RIB-064 Determination of the 14O(alpha,p1)18Ne* reaction rate by measurement of the 1H(17F,p1)17F* inelastic scattering cross section
J. C. Blackmon (ORNL)
15 shifts RIBs
RIB-065 Determination of the 17F(p,gamma)18Ne direct capture cross section via measurement of the 14N(17F,18Ne*)13C proton-transfer reaction
J. C. Blackmon (ORNL)
24 shifts RIBs
RIB-066 Search for missing states in 19Ne
D. W. Bardayan (UNC)
6 shifts RIBs
RIB-067 A study of shape coexistence in the neutron-rich Cadmium isotopes: decays of 116,118,120,122Ag
J. C. Batchelder (UNIRIB)
12 shifts SIBs
RIB-068 HYBALL Charged Particle Detector System Response
A. Galindo-Uribarri (ORNL)
RIB-069 Decay study of a short-lived proton emitter 103Sb
K. Rykaczewski (ORNL)
16 shifts SIBs
RIB-070 Study of the proton-drip line nucleus 69Br and the implications for the astrophysical rp process
J. C. Batchelder (UNIRIB)
15 shifts SIBs
RIB-071 Investigation of isomeric states pertaining to shape coexistence in the N=Z nucleus 74Rb
S. M. Vincent (Surrey)
15 shifts SIBs
RIB-072 B(E2;0+ ---> 2+) measurement of 132Te in inverse kinematics
C. Barton (Yale University)
6 shifts RIBs & 6 SIBs
RIB-073 Study of medium-spin excited states in neutron-rich N > 82 nuclei
D. C. Radford (ORNL)
18 shifts RIBs
RIB-074 RIB-074 Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich Sn and Te isotopes
D. C. Radford (ORNL)
16 shifts RIBS & 3 SIBs
RIB-075 Identification of excited states in the odd-odd, self-conjugate nucleus 70Br
A. Piechaczek (LSU)
15 shifts SIBs
RIB-076 Structure and ultra-fast dynamics of electrons in nano-structures and bulk solids by particle induced X-ray spectroscopy
R. Vane (ORNL)
9 shifts SIBs

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