HRIBF PAC-2 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-2 Experiments
The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on August 6, 1996. One hundred twenty-three
eight-hour shifts of beam with radioactive arsenic and 239 shifts of beam with stable ions were requested. Seventy-two shifts of
radioactive ion beams (RIBs) and 106 shifts of stable beams (SIBs) were assigned to the eleven proposals that were accepted. The
attached table summarizes the experimental projects given beam time.

RIB-001 - Study of the Doubly-Odd T=0 Nucleus 66As

D. D. Warner (Daresbury)
15 shifts SIBs

RIB-002 - Low Energy Coulomb Excitation of 69As and 70As in Inverse Kinematics

C. J. Barton (Clark U.)
9 shifts RIBs (more if heavier As RIBs become available)

RIB-003 - Investigation of the Ground State Decays of Nuclei in the Pr-La Mass Region

K. S. Toth (ORNL)
21 shifts RIBs & 12 SIBs

RIB-004 - The Spectroscopy of Very Proton Rich Deformed Nuclei with Z~60 & Search for
Maximally Deformed Nuclei in the Z > 50, N < 82 Region

R. D. Page (U. Liverpool) & L. L Riedinger (U. Tennessee)
21 shifts RIBs & 9 SIBs

RIB-005 - Identification of the Excited States in the Tz=+1/2 Nucleus 81Zr

C. J. Gross (ORAU/ORNL)
12 shifts SIBs

RIB-006 - Study of Low-lying Transitions in 103Sn

C.-H. Yu (ORNL)
15 shifts SIBs

RIB-007 - Identification of Excited States in the Odd-odd Self-conjugate Nucleus 70Br

C. J. Gross (ORAU/ORNL)
15 shifts SIBs

RIB-008 - Identification of Light Pr Nuclei

M. J. Brinkman (ORNL)
21 shifts RIBs & 9 SIBs

RIB-009 - Population Systematics of Light Rare Earth Nuclei

M. J. Brinkman (ORNL)
15 shifts SIBs

RIB-010 - In-beam Spectroscopy of A >_ 184 Lead Nuclei with Mass Identification and
Recoil Decay Tagging

W. Reviol (U. Tennessee)
10 shifts SIBs (20 more if first run on 186Pb successful)

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