HRIBF PAC-15 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-15 Experiments

The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on July 22-23, 2009. A total of 26 proposals were received with 371 shifts of radioactive ion beams (RIBs), 12 shifts of in-flight RIBs, 77 shifts of SIBs for RIBs (SIB-4-RIB), and 46 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs) requested. A total of 17 proposals was recommended including 212 shifts of RIBs, 6 shifts of in-flight RIBs, 63 shifts of SIBs for RIBs, and 12 shifts of SIBs.

RIB-189 - Coulomb dissociation of 17F at 10 MeV/nucleon
Felix Liang (ORNL)
6 shifts of RIBs and 4 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-190 - Precise determination of single-particle states in 131Sn populated through neutron-transfer reactions on heavy-ion targets.
Kate Jones (University of Tennessee)
10 shifts of RIBs and 3 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-191 - Detailed study of the reaction dynamics for the systems 7,10Be+208Pb at energies around the Coulomb barrier
Marco La Commara (Naples)
18 shifts of RIBs and 3 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-192 - 59Fe(n,γ)60Fe Reaction Rate
Milan Matos (LSU)
24 shifts of RIBs
RIB-193 - Understanding beta decay lifetimes: First beta decay strength measurements near 78Ni with the Versatile Array of Neutron Detectors at Low Energy (VANDLE)
Robert Grzywacz (University of Tennessee)
15 shifts of RIBs
RIB-194 - Allowed and forbidden beta decays of r-process isotopes 81Zn and 82Zn
Miguel Madurga-Flores (University of Tennessee)
17 shifts of RIBs
RIB-195 - 132Sn(d,t)131Sn in inverse kinematics: identification of single-neutron hole states
Riccardo Orlandi (West-Scotland)
18 shifts of RIBs and 3 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-196 - Study the 56Ni(3He,d)57Cu Reaction in Inverse Kinematics
Ray Kozub (Tennessee Tech)
21 shifts of RIBs and 6 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-197 - Search for single neutron levels in 133Te
Steven Pain (West Scotland)
15 shifts of RIBs and 6 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-198 - Developing (d,pγ) reactions as surrogate reactions for (n,γ) in inverse kinematics
William Peters (Rutgers)
32 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-199 - A detailed study of the 18F(p,α)15O reaction at low collision energies
I. Martel (Huelva)
18 shifts of RIBs
RIB-200 - Direct Measurement of the 6.9-MeV Cascade Cross Section in 12C(α,γ)16O
Catalin Matei (ORAU)
6 SIB shifts
RIB-201 - Angular correlation measurements for alpha-decaying states in 10Be
Neil Curtis (Birmingham)
15 shifts of RIBs and 3 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-202 - Crystal Blocking Lifetime Measurements of the Time Delay of Fission Induced by 32S and 58Ni bombardment of Mo
Jim Forster (Montreal)
6 shifts of SIBs
RIB-203 - Commissioning and first applied studies with the digital beta-delayed neutron detector 3Hen
K. Rykaczewski (ORNL)
17 shifts of RIBs
RIB-204 - Search for the fine structure in the proton emission of 135Tb
Marek Karny (Warsaw)
6 shifts of in-flight RIBs
RIB-205 - The Astrophysical 14O(α,p)17F Reaction Rate
Dan Bardayan (ORNL)
18 shifts of RIBs and 3 SIB-4-RIB shifts

Post PAC-15 Experiments
These experiments arise by petitioning the Scientific Director between PACs or are PAC proposals which were accepted upon appeal or are left to the facility's discretion.

RIB-206 - Study of the t(10Be,6He+6He)p and t(10Be,4He+8He)p reactions for 12Be Excitation Energies from 11 to 19 MeV

Martin Freer (Birmingham)
18 shifts of RIBs

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