HRIBF PAC-14 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-14 Experiments

The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on January 10-11, 2008. A total of 219 eight-hour shifts of ISOL radioactive ion beams (RIBs), 36 eight-hour shifts of in-flight RIBs, 57 shifts of SIBs for RIBs (SIB-4-RIB), and 0 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs) were requested. A total of 249 shifts were approved, including 156 shifts of ISOL RIBs, 36 shifts of in-flight RIBs, 57 shifts of SIBs for RIBs, and 0 shifts of SIBs.

RIB-121 - Measurement of near and sub-barrier fusion of 134Sn+64Ni
Dan Shapira (ORNL)
25 shifts of RIBs and 1 SIB-4-RIB shift
RIB-173 - Search for the πp1/2 isomer in N=50 isotone 97Ag
Chris Goodin (Vanderbilt University)
18 shifts of RIBs
RIB-174 - Search for the unknown beta decay of 88As populating levels in N=54 88Se and in N=53 87Se
J. C. Batchelder (UNIRIB)
3 shifts of RIBs
RIB-175 - g factor measurement of the 2+1 state of 126Sn produced as a radioactive beam
N. Benczer-Koller (Rutgers University)
18 shifts of RIBs and 6 shifts of SIB-4-RIBs
RIB-176 - Development of polarized radioactive ion beams for use in beta-NMR
C. J. Gross (ORNL)
9 shifts of RIBs and 6 shifts of SIB-4-RIBs
RIB-177 - Near barrier fusion induced by neutron-rich radioactive Br
J. F. Liang (ORNL)
10 shifts of RIBs and 12 shifts of SIB-4-RIBs
RIB-178 - 73,74As(d,pγ) reactions in inverse kinematics as a surrogate for neutron capture for stewardship science
J. A. Cizewski (Rutgers University)
15 shifts of SIB-4-RIBs
RIB-179 - Determination of a quadrupole deformation of 140Dy from the measurement of the 2+ level lifetime
R. Grzywacz (University of Tennessee)
15 shifts of Inflight RIBs
RIB-180 - Nuclear structure beyond N=50: the identification and decay studies of new isotopes 81Cu and 82Cu
K. P. Rykaczewski (ORNL)
13 shifts of RIBs
RIB-181 - Nuclear Structure beyond doubly magic 78Ni: the identification and decay studies of new isotopes 86Ga and 87Ga
A. Korgul (Warsaw)
15 shifts of RIBs
RIB-182 - Unambiguous identification of 155Ta - a reference measurement for spherical proton emitters
I. Darby (University of Tennessee)
21 shifts of Inflight RIBs
RIB-183 - The beta decays of 75Cu and 77Cu
S. Ilyushkin (Mississippi State)
6 shifts of RIBs
RIB-184 - Decay studies beyond N=50: Detailed study of the A=84 and 85 decay chains
J. A. Winger (Mississippi State)
7 shifts of RIBs
RIB-185 - Low-energy level structure of the N = 49 isotope 79Zn
S. N. Liddick (University of Tennessee)
17 shifts of RIBs
RIB-186 - Study of 26Al+p Elastic and Inelastic Scattering
D. Bardayan (ORNL)
15 shifts of RIBs

Post PAC-14 Experiments

These experiments arise by petitioning the Scientific Director between PACs or are PAC proposals which, for various reasons, are left to the facility's discretion.

RIB-082 - Time-of-Flight Development

Dan Shapira (ORNL)
12 shifts of SIB-4-RIBs
RIB-187 - Dating Ancient Eastern North American Glaciations and Glacial and Periglacial Erosion of the Appalachian
G. M. Clark (University of Tennessee)
5 shifts of SIB-4-RIBs
RIB-188 - Astrophysics Stable Beam Experiments
D. Bardayan (ORNL)
variable SIB shifts

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