HRIBF PAC-13 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-13 Experiments
The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on December 11-12, 2006. A total of 244 eight-hour shifts of radioactive ion beams (RIBs), 44 shifts of SIBs for RIBs (SIB-4-RIB), and 27 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs) were requested. A total of 164 shifts were approved, including 101 shifts of RIBs, 36 shifts of SIBs for RIBs, and 27 shifts of SIBs.
RIB-160 - Omnibus study of fusion induced by radioactive beams
W. Loveland (Oregon State University)
22 RIB and 10 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-161 - Search for molecular states in 14C using 10Be+4He resonant scattering
M. Freer (University of Birmingham)
15 RIB shifts
RIB-162 - Low-lying structure of the N=49 nucleus, 81Ge
D. Bardayan (ORNL)
15 RIB and 1 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-163 - Search for alpha decay of 112Cs
C. Mazzocchi (University of Milan)
27 SIB shifts
RIB-164 - Remeasurement of fusion of 132Sn and 64Ni at 453 MeV
J. F. Liang (ORNL)
6 RIB shifts
RIB-165 - Measurement of low-energy resonances in 18F(p,α)15O using a novel technique
B. Moazen (University of Tennessee)
15 RIB and 5 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-166 - Gyromagnetic ratios of 4+ states near 132Sn: Further development of RIV technique
A. Stuchbery (Australian National University)
14 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-167 - Speeding up the r-process: Investigation of first forbidden beta decays in N~50 isotopes near 78Ni
S. Liddick (University of Tennessee)
5 RIB shifts
RIB-168 - The (d,p) Reaction on 126Sn and 128Sn in Inverse Kinematics
R. L. Kozub (Tennessee Technological University)
23 RIB shifts and 6 SIB-4-RIB shifts

Letters of Intent

Cluster Measurements with a 10Be Beam
M. Freer (University of Birmingham)

Post PAC-13 Experiments

These experiments arise by petitioning the Scientific Director between PACs or are PAC proposals which, for various reasons, are left to the facility's discretion.

RIB-169 - LeRIBSS Development

K. P. Rykaczewski (ORNL)
RIB-170 - Proposal to study bound and unbound states in the halo nucleus 11Be using the 10Be(d,p) reaction in inverse kinematics
K. Jones (University of Tennessee)
23 RIB shifts and 2 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-171 - Remeasurement of 124,126,128Sn coulex.
D. C. Radford (ORNL)
9 RIB shifts and 6 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-172 - Multiplicity counting of proton-induced fissions using liquid scintillators
J. Milalczo (ORNL)
6 SIB shifts

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