HRIBF PAC-12 Experiments

HRIBF PAC-12 Experiments
The HRIBF Program Advisory Committee met at the HRIBF in Oak Ridge on December 8-9, 2005. A total of 227 eight-hour shifts of radioactive ion beams (RIBs), 74 shifts of SIBs for RIBs, and 66 shifts of stable ion beams (SIBs) were requested. A total of 149 shifts were approved, including 109 shifts of RIBs (18 provisionally), 19 shifts of SIBs for RIBs, and 21 shifts of SIBs.
RIB-085 - Fusion Hindrance/Enhancement with Massive Neutron-Rich Projectiles
W. Loveland (Oregon State)
9 SIB-4-RIB shifts and 18 provisional RIB shifts
RIB-099 - Measurement of the 18F(p,α)15O Excitation Function
D. W. Bardayan (ORNL)
21 RIB shifts
RIB-101 - Search for the superallowed alpha decay chain 108Xe -> 104Te ->100Sn and for fine structure in the decay of 105Te
R. Grzywacz (Tennessee) and R. D. Page (Liverpool)
21 SIB shifts
RIB-146 - Fusion hindrance in neutron-rich Sn induced reactions
J. F. Liang (ORNL)
20 RIB shifts (7 added this PAC)
RIB-151 - g-factor measurements of n-rich isotopes near N=50
E. Padilla-Rodal (University of Tennessee)
15 RIB shifts and 9 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-152 - Structure of neutron-rich Cu and Zn isotopes produced in deep-inelastic transfer reactions with radioactive ion beams
W. Krolas (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow)
6 RIB shifts
RIB-153 - Measurement of 26Al(d,p)27Al to inform the 26Al(p,γ)27Si reaction rate
S. D. Pain (Rutgers University)
15 RIB shifts
RIB-154 - Identification of States in 26Si via the 1H(25Al,p)25Al reaction
J.F. Shriner, Jr. (Tennessee Technological University)
12 RIB shifts and 1 SIB-4-RIB shift
RIB-155 - Two-proton decay from excited states in 17Ne
F. Sarazin (Colorado School of Mines)
15 RIB shifts

Letters of Intent

Study of unbound states in the halo nucleus 11Be via the 2H(10Be,p) reaction
K. L. Jones (Rutgers University)

Post PAC-12 Experiments

These experiments arise by petitioning the Scientific Director between PACs or are PAC proposals which, for various reasons, are left to the facility's discretion.

RIB-156 - Detector development at OLTF

J. C. Batchelder (UNIRIB)
RIB-157 - Implantation of 7Be in Plastics for Prosthesis Development
U. Greife (Colorado School of Mines)
6 RIB shifts and 12 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-158 - The(3He,p) Reaction in Inverse Kinematics and Application to the Spectroscoy of 19Ne
U. Greife (Colorado School of Mines)
21 SIB-4-RIB shifts
RIB-159 - Development of a Polarized Solid Target for Radioactive Ion Beams
A. Galindo-Uribarri (ORNL)
6 SIB shifts

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