HRIBF RIB Intensities (2006)

HRIBF RIB Intensities (2006)
In order to use the RIB yields 2006 table you may also need to use the Tandem voltage & charge state fraction estimation calculator. The yields given are for the maximum charge state fraction possible using either single stripping (typically 20%) or double stripping (typically 4%). If you need to estimate a yield off the maximum, then run the voltage/charge state fraction calculator for energies which give the maximum fraction (single or double stripped) and again for your desired energy. The ratio of charge state fractions multiplied by the reported intensity is your estimated beam on target. An illustrative example for 132Sn is available.

Yields for a given isotope that have been accelerated through the tandem are given in red. To better estimate yields of a specific isotope of a given mass, its low intensity yield (black) is scaled by the low intensity yield of a different mass of the same isotopes times its yield accelerated by the tandem. For example, although we have not yet accelerated double-stripped 134Sb we can compare the low intensity results for 129Sb and the actual accelerated yield and devise appropriate scaling for the 134Sb yield on target.

The values given reflect the maximum ORIC beam possible for the appropriate ISOL target or regulatory limitation.

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