Radioactive Ion Beam Development

These pages provide a basic introduction to the RIB generation process and the challenges which must be overcome in order to provide beams at intensities needed for physics research. During the initial operational phase of the HRIBF, we have focused on development of RIBs of of 69As, 67Ga and 17F . Each of these beams has been delivered to target and we are developing techniques to increase these beam intensities while expanding the total venue of beams offered at the HRIBF. A 'batch mode' negative ion source has been designed and is being constructed for efficient ionization of longer-lived radioactive species such as 56Ni and 18F. A UC2 target used in conjunction with our standard positive ion source has been tested in our on-line test facility and shown to produce a wide spectrum of neutron rich species (see the RIB yield page). A direct negative ion source for the production of halogen RIBs is currently being retrofitted to the injector and will be used in conjunction with new oxide target systems to produce higher beam intensities of 17F. Follow the links below for a tour of our target/ ion source test facilities, some new techniques employed in RIB generation and a list of RIBs produced at the HRIBF and their experimentally determined yields.
The production of radioactive nuclei Off-line target/ion source test facility
The challenges of RIB development A detailed view of the overall facility
Some new target systems RIB yields measured at the HRIBF
HRIBF ion sources HRIBF News Letter
On-line target/ion source test facility Links to other RIB projects
Target material characterization lab

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