Off-line Target/ Ion Source Test Facility

The Off-line Target/Ion Source Test Facility (TISTF) serves as the initial theater for development of RIB ion sources, here candidate target/ ion source designs are evaluated and developed using stable feed species while having no impact on other HRIBF accelerator resources.  This facility consists of a high voltage platform, target/ion source mounting apparatus, beam transport lenses, an emittance measurement device, a magnet for mass selection, a charge exchange cell, a device for measuring charge exchange efficiencies, and an electrostatic beam energy analyzer. The emittance measuring apparatus is located before mass analysis while the charge exchange cell and an apparatus for measuring the charge exchange efficiencies and beam energy distributions are positioned after mass analysis. The facility is equipped with a gas manifold for introducing noble gases into the source through a standard leak calibrated against Xe for use in measuring the ionization efficiency of RIB ion sources during operation. The facility also includes various apparatus for the injection of well defined quantities of chemically reactive species into RIB target/ ion sources (e.g. F, Cl, As, etc.).  The high voltage platform was designed and equipped with all power supplies necessary for testing RIB ion sources. Power supplies mounted on the high voltage platform are powered by a 15 kW motor generator set specifically designed for testing the RIB sources.


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