HRIBF Accelerators

HRIBF Accelerators
The HRIBF has two accelerators:
ORIC is a high intensity, light-ion accelerator which is used to produce radioactive ions in the target-ion source which is located on the RIB-injector platform. The ions diffuse out of the target and are ionized and extracted from the ion source. The beam of ions is mass analyzed and if needed, passed through a charge exchange cell to produce a 200 keV beam of negative ions. This beam is transmitted through a high resolution isobar separator and injected into the tandem for acceleration and delivery to the experiment. A schematic of this process for producing neutron-rich beams from a uranium-carbide target is below. A schematic layout of the facility which shows the research areas is also available. Another floorplan which shows the new High Power Target Laboratory is also available.

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