Conference Staff Information

The telephone number for the Quark Matter 2009 Conference office, located in room 301 C, is (865) 251 6440. This phone number will only be operative during office hours (8 AM - 8 PM) during the conference.

The tasks that will need to be covered by students and postdocs are:

Details for each category are given below.
An overview of the session schedules/assignments is available here.

Speakers' Corner:

Help speakers that hand in their presentations: receive presentations from speakers at least 2 hours before the session, check presentations for errors, rename the files, store them on disk on the test machine in the conference office, and on memory sticks, and make sure the presentations (via memory sticks) are delivered to the right sessions. This includes taking the memory sticks to the session assistant at (early in) the break before the session starts.
If needed, and if there is time, you can also help out in the CyberCafe, or with other office duties.

Audio-Visual Operators

Operate the Audio-Visual equipment: projector, mixer, and microphones. Operators will be trained at 7 PM on Sunday. Will work in a team with the session assistant (over 2 sessions, such as Plenary1+2 or Parallel 3B+4B, i.e. about 4h each) and make the AV equipment sure everything runs smoothly during the sessions. In case of serious trouble, a professional AV technician is present in the building.

Session Assistants

Make sure that all talks are loaded onto the laptops correctly before the session starts. Session assistant (or AV operator if you take turns) should be present the whole break before the session starts, in case there are some late-coming talks. Session assistant should also help the session chair/convener keep track of presentation time, and help the speakers get their talks up, and possibly switch between Mac and Windows laptops.

Microphone Operator

Will need to provide microphones to people asking questions from the floor after each talk. 3 microphone operators will be available in the plenary sessions, and 2 in each of the parallel sessions. The microphones will be obtained from the AV operator.